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GNOME 3.32 is codenamed “Taipei” and features news, check out

As usual, each release of GNOME Shell, always surrounded by community expectations, around the news that development people will bring to the GNOME project.

We may begin to mention that the first novelty in relation to this new verse, the name given to it. The name chosen was Taipei, named after the staff of the Asia Gnome Team. Since the annual GNOME event was in Taipei, Taiwan, they made this simple tribute to the people from there. Very cool this.

A part well criticized by a large majority using pure GNOME (Vanilla), that its look has not been modernized, either in color palettes or icons. But that will change in this verse 3.32. Now GNOME uses a color palette on the user interface making it simpler and more harmonious and the application icons have been redrawn from scratch.

Another feature that has been relocated, the application menu. It used to be at the top of the interface and now it will be inside the application window itself.

Another new feature is that Extenso Desktop Icons will now be enabled by default, thus circumventing a problem that came from the release of GNOME 3, where desktop icons were no longer enabled.

Now two news that I found very interesting and cool that were implemented. The first concerns the permissions programs will have to access certain resources. With this new functionality, it will be possible to grant or allow apps, and extend to installed flatpaks.

Another highlight of the app store, GNOME Software, which has improved the handling of available fonts for programs, either via Flatpak or via repository. In the case of Flatpaks now will be listed the necessary permissions, which that app will need, that is on his own page in GNOME Software. In addition a new library that parses XML has been implemented, thus making the Store faster to load AppStream data.

It also had the famous GNOME Shell code enhancements, fixes, and enhancements, which made it perform better than version 3.28. To see the other news, you can check out the GNOME staff post.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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