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Galaxy S10 + beats iPhone XS Max in speed test

When the iPhone XS Max Hitting the market last September, the world was taken aback by its performance: the A12 Bionic chip, combined with the other internal components and a very well-tuned software optimization, made the device a true performance machine. In the technology world, however, everything is fleeting and now, he has already been surpassed by his newest archrival.

The YouTube Channel PhoneBuff performed one of its famous speed tests, this time comparing the iPhone XS Max with the newly launched Galaxy S10 +from Samsung. The fully automated test is run-style: each device has a number of applications to open and tasks to perform; There is also a ?second round? to reopen all apps and check RAM management.

For the first time in a long time Samsung's last victorious was the Galaxy Note 5, 1 in 2015, a South Korean device surpassed Ma's direct competitor. Its victory was mainly due to the smarter use Android is making of its 8GB RAM (up from 4GB on iPhone): The first lap was easily beaten by the Apple device, but by returning and reopening the apps, the Samsung device was able to keep them active all the way, giving it the lead. .

O PhoneBuff performed the tests nine times over several days to see if the results were repeated, and the S10 + emerged victorious on all occasions. It is good to note that the version of the device tested here is the American, equipped with the new Snapdragon 855; The international version, which comes to Brazil, has Samsung's Exynos 9820 chip, which, as some tests have shown, has slightly lower performance.

Will Apple resume the crown soon?

via iClarified