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Book Manager, Your Private Library

Meet this minimalist private library, and organize your books.

Have you come across that mess without having properly cataloged your books and are you now lost? Or would you like to be more organized and have a private mini library in your home? The software Book Manager have this proposal.


With a simple and minimalist design, the app provides intuitive cataloging of your books, without exaggerating many features, the focus for personal or amateur use.

Book Manager, simple and intuitive

The minimalist and user-friendly program interface shows your cataloged books, with title, author, status (if reading, will read or have read the book), brief description of the work and a name button FULL INFOwhere you will see all the details and the ability to edit them.

book-manager-manager-books-main interface

The register of books is easy to understand, in it you will fill in with all the relevant information to your material, and if you wish you can indicate to the program the path of the illustrative cover.


When registering or editing books, there is the option to create notes, they can be viewed in a tab exclusive for such notes.


As I mentioned earlier, the multiplatform program, and it would be too exhausting to re-register all material, so there is the possibility to export and import the information from your entire personal library, but the directory with the images must be manually added by the user, because the library backup in a file .json, with all instructions (your content can easily be seen opening in any text editor).


Downloading and installing

To download Book Manager, just click the button below, it's up to you to choose which version of the app to install on your system, at Deb or AppImage, if you don't know how to run AppImage, we have this post demonstrating every procedure.  Download Book Manager

Did you like the software? I found it very interesting, I am aware that there are other alternatives, but have new options always good, even use the comments to inform your favorites.

Do you know another app qDo you perform the same functionality as Book Manager? What did you think of him?

I wait for you here on the blog Diolinux, until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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