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Awaken Indiana Jones in You with the Book of Riddles for Android

Who has never wanted the ability to unravel the puzzles of the Indiana Jones character created by George Lucas? Adventurous archaeologist Henry Jones Junior was constantly being tested and had to solve problems to continue his adventure. The essence of this story everyone knows, use logic and knowledge to reach the end of a saga. Even though it's not an Indiana Jones, You can test your skills and find solutions using Riddle Book Android game.

Unraveling puzzles may be in your blood! Play Indiana Jones with the Book of Riddles and find out.

The difference with being an adventurer outside the movie screen is that even if the interpretation of the puzzle is not correct, the only consequence is the loss of stars and the need to broaden your repertoire of solutions to the same problem.


The Book of Puzzles for Android is the background of an old teacher who traveled around the world looking for different puzzles, and by jotting it down in one book, almost unintentionally created a puzzle encyclopedia . However, the book was lost, and believe me, you found it.

You are welcomed to the game with the following message from Professor E. Nigma (name not creative, right !?):

Here, in this book, I wrote all the puzzles I learned while traveling around the world. It seems that you are somewhat intelligent because you have discovered the whereabouts of this book alone. Can you solve all the puzzles? Good luck, stranger!

And so, you are inside this story.

How to play?

The presentation of the game Book of Puzzles also comes followed by the explanation of the game controls. Upon receiving the puzzle, the player must Think about the correct answer, touch the riddle answer related page, and write the answer.

After troubleshooting both open pages on the screen, The player will have to slide his finger to the left and thus unravel the next puzzle. If you want to return to the previous page, just do the opposite movement.

Tips: If you do not find the answer, do not lose patience, as the game will offer tips such as the number of letters that make up the word, as well as the initial letter of the word.

Use the bookmark to get quick access to puzzles already solved:


There are about 210 puzzles and the fewer tries, the more stars the player receives. I must warn you that this game has been giving a lot of headache to players, because it is not the easiest, which makes it even more exciting to decipher the problems.

Originally, the game offers the possibility to update the player's score online, but in testing with the application, I could not check my score (a pity, because it was doing very well!):


It is worth downloading the Book of Riddles for Android, especially if you make 100 Ports and similar games. Although the application proves easy at the first levels, it becomes difficult throughout the riddles.

The only drawback (which can be something positive) is that the application is in English. That is, the answers have to be in this language and if you are wondering if you respect plural and singular, here is the tip: YES!

The Book of Riddles is free and can be downloaded at the following link:

Download Book of Puzzles Android

If you need or have some tips on how to unravel some of the most difficult puzzles in this game, feel free to leave a comment on our Puzzle Book forum.

Image: Youtube / CKR AndroidPIT

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