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Apple's first flagship store in Latin America to open September 27

Awaited since the beginning of this year, Apple will finally be able to inaugurate its first store flagship at the Mexico (and on Latin America) in two weeks more precisely, on the day September 27th.

As we reported, the Apple Antara is located in Mexico City and should have opened its doors in the early months of this year, but some design changes made the company choose to open a larger store, similar to some of its most iconic facilities around the globe.

Situated a few steps from Antara Fashion Hall in the elegant Polanco district, the ?flagship High Profile ?features a design similar to the newly opened Apple Xinyi A13 in Taipei (Taiwan). Recently, the barriers that protect the works have been removed for the application of a vinyl wall that should hide the store until opening, but this allowed pedestrians to get a peek into the store.

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Image: https://appleinsider/articles/19/09/12/apples-first-latin-american-flagship-to-open-in-mexico-city-on-sept-27

"data-medium-file =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/13-Apple-Antara-Mexico-600×387.jpg "data-large-file =" https : // "src =" uploads / 2019/09/13-Apple-Antara-Mexico.jpg "alt =" Apple Antara Hall "class =" wp-image-677404 "srcset =" https://.uol/wp-content /uploads/2019/09/13-Apple-Antara-Mexico.jpg 660w,×194. jpg 300w, https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/13-Apple-Antara-Mexico-600×387.jpg 600w "sizes =" (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px "/>

Similar to other flagships, such as the reopened Apple Aventura, glass and stone walls support the wood roof, protecting the broad hall that contains the company's main services, such as the Genius grove and the environment where the sessions of the Today at Apple. The store also includes a meeting room for corporate customers, a segment that should be one of the main revenue drivers for Ma's Latin American businesses.

Apple Antara

To celebrate the inauguration, Apple will offer some special sessions of the Today at Appleincluding in and out of store activities:

  • Art walk: Explore Polanco's colors through Mexico City's iconic museums and art facilities to create a color palette in the Procreate app.
  • Photographic Tour: The landscapes of the city of Polanco focus on capturing artistic photos, observing the angles, reflections and textures of the landscape around the store.

According to information obtained by AppleInsider, the new store opens ?before other flagships that were being planned for the Brazil It's Canada because of a change in market dynamics, ?meaning that Apple has (or had) plans to further expand its retail presence in these countries.

In addition to the upcoming Apple Antara, Mexico has another Apple store: Apple Va Santa Fe. flagship It will take place at 5:00 pm (local time) and operate during the opening weekend in normal time.

Apple Fifth Avenue

As announced at Apple's last special event, the famous and always illustrious Apple Fifth Avenue will be reopened after quite a long time under renovation.

Apple Fifth Avenue Glass Cube

We are turning our iconic store into an open space for collaboration of all kinds. Made for the city where creativity never sleeps. Visit us during celebration week to get inspired by some of the best creative talent in town.

The reopening will take place on September 20 (just in time for physical sales of new iPhones) at 8 am local time. You can check the schedule of activities during the reopening on the new (stylized) page of the store.

Apple Omotesando

The Cupertino giant also announced that one of its stores in Tokyo, Apple Omotesando, will also reopen on September 20, after a few months closed for construction.

Apple Reopening Omotesando

As in the Fifth Avenue store, it will be possible to purchase the new iPhones on the day of release also during the reopening, which will take place at 8am (local time).

via MacRumors