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Apple prepares major store openings for new iPhones

To celebrate the release of their gadgets (iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, as well as the Apple Watch Series 5), Apple is preparing a flurry of reopening and news for its stores around the world.

As we reported, the more than expected reopening of Apple Fifth Avenue, and more information on the flagship Ma were disclosed, as we will see below.

Apple Fifth Avenue

In fact, the reopening of the popular Fifth Avenue store in New York is one of the most awaited reopenings by users and the Ma itself, which has done an incredible job in these nearly three years of renovating the place. Now a report from Intelligenceencer shows how the company was able, in part, to turn the site into a "podium".

The major changes in this reform approach this transformation dramatically. Between them, the floor was lowered and the ceiling raised, adding about 2 meters height of the store. In addition, ambient lighting has been improved thanks to round skylights with stainless steel frames.

Apple Fifth Avenue

With the expansion, the spaces for activities, consultations with Genius, and other interactions have also been expanded, but one thing has not changed: the iconic glass cube. As usual, it was redone the same as before, since its associated design memory of the company co-founder Steve Jobs.

We have a busy week ahead in New York! I can't wait to show you the beautiful new Apple Fifth Avenue. See you on Friday!

Apple Fifth Avenue will reopen this Friday (9/20) at 8 am local time. From, stay open 24/7.

In addition to the store in New York, other points of the company will reopen this week, on September 20th, let's see what they will be?

Apple bridgewater

Closed last January for a ?comprehensive expansion project,? Apple's classic Bridgewater (NJ) unit was completely rebuilt, and gained even more space after Ma incorporated a former Abercrombie & Fitch site into its store structure. .

Apple Bridgewater was unveiled in 2004 as one of the company's ?mini-stores,? at that time with only one door in the hometown, until it moved to a larger space in 2008 now, just over ten years later, the store debuted a New change.

The reopening will take place this Friday at 8am (local time).

Apple Mall of America

Apple Mall of America Logo

After several renovations, it was Apple Mall of America's turn to make the biggest change of all this year. Opened in 2001 in the city of Bloomington (Minnesota), the store is one of the last in the region to provide Apple's new retail experience starting this Friday.

Like Apple Bridgewater and most recently refurbished stores, Ma's new point has a Video wall to carry out the programming of Today at Apple it is a Forum for expanded access to creative sessions. As usual, the store will also offer special reopening sessions, which will take place on the 20th, at 8am (local time).

Apple Highland Village

Apple Highland Village in Houston, Texas, closed last July for a round of renovations and upgrades. Now, just about to reopen, the company has unveiled the look of the new store, which resembles other company locations in Palo Alto and Santa Mnica, California.

The store, installed in the homonymous city, should present a Video wall in the center of the space, due to the entrances located at the front and rear of the room. As seen in other renovations, corridors will gain new display shelves, in addition to a private meeting room and an even larger space for Genius groove.

Apple Omotesando

Across the world, in Tokyo (Japan), Apple Omotesando has undergone a much-talked-over makeover, which will finally be unveiled this week, as we reported a few days ago.

Located on the popular Japanese shopping avenue, the renovation extended longer than expected as the buildings were split into two parts.

The Tokyo store reopens after the reopening of Apple Marunouchi and Apple Fukuoka late last month, so Apple Omotesando returns with what Ma announced at this year's WWDC of ?creative updates? on the program. Today at Apple.

Apple Parc Central

Apple Parc Central, opened in 2016 in China, was one of the company's last stores to be built on Ma's old retail design; However, the installation was supported by the company's retail novelties, such as new stands in the lower floor corridors, as well as a Forum is Video wall at the upper level.

Like all stores mentioned above, the changes should be revealed on the day of the release of the new iPhones. Flags covering windows across the upper level were adorned with an Apple logo displayed during this year's WWDC.

Upcoming changes

Apple fukuoka

While some stores reopen, others close their doors soon, but only to relocate. Apple Fukuoka, Japan, will end its activities at its current address on September 28, when the new unit welcomes consumers in Tenjin District.

It is noteworthy that at that time Apple Fukuoka was the only company store in the world that still offered ?The Studio? basically the program that gave rise to the Today at Apple.

Apple fukuoka

In the new location, Apple has placed an imposing glass façade and two stone walls that support the front of the store, also housing beautiful trees at the front of the store. flagship.

To celebrate the opening at the new address, Apple has published a fun animated video on its page and, like all new stores in Japan, has created wallpapers in various formats for each device, check out:

Past Reinaugurations

Recently, two other Apple Stores have reopened their doors in new addresses, gaining the company's new retail design and considerably expanding their space: Apple Oxmoor in Louisville (Kentucky) and Apple The Woodlands in Texas.

Apple Oxmoor

Inside the Oxmoor shopping center, the new Louisville store takes the form of a contemporary mall with pivoting doors opening to the Video wall it is a Forum intended programming Today at Apple.

Instead of composite marble, Oxmoor walls are assembled from light-textured stone blocks.

Apple The Woodlands

Meanwhile, Apple The Woodlands has received a more traditional update, but the store's location at the mall of the same name is not beaten by visitors, as its main hallway leads to a direct path to the front door of the Apple Store.

Inside, parallel glass doors welcome consumers to product display tables; at the bottom of the store, a Video wall sustains the environment for the sessions of Today at Applewhere were also placed wooden benches, as in other stores.

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