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Apple may be changing its stance on repair laws

If there is something unsound among Apple customers from various regions, it would be dissatisfaction with the repair possibilities of gadgets As many of you may know, repairing your iPhone or Mac may not be a simple process and usually quite costly.

The ?problem? begins with Ma's own limited warranty on Apple devices. If Apple considers that certain gadget was manipulated by another company / person, she may define that device is no longer eligible for repair; that is, what was sweet was over. This issue varies by country, and in Brazil there is no law that restricts Apple from doing so.

Still, there are numerous specialized technical assistance in the repair of gadgets Ma, many of whom do great work. The fact is that it is the only way to obtain genuine parts of Apple products from Apple (or then from another Apple device that has been disassembled).

As you can imagine, if the Cupertino giant is not very flexible in providing parts for large authorized service personnel, imagine for the smaller technicians who do this kind of repair. According to Apple, open repair of the iDevices to third parties could attract various problems and threaten the security of user data.

Although legislation in some states requires Apple to repair a device that has already been handled by another company, many users do not resort to the Cupertino giant precisely because of the price. Given this situation, Apple has apparently changed its stance on providing parts for technical assistance.

According to an internal report obtained by the Motherboard, Apple is slowly enabling more repair companies to be able to properly repair iDevices of users in the US. More precisely, the company would be providing original diagnostic components and software for some, especially the largest, technical assistance.

Repair service providers can now replace batteries or replace broken iPhones screens with no problem in the US, but they don't have access to other Apple Genuine diagnostic components or software. With the program Apple Genuine Parts Repair (something like ?Apple Original Parts Repair?), this may no longer be a reality.

The document does not specify which or how many technical assistants participate in the program, but Right to Repair (?Right to Repair?) believe that the company is preparing to comply with this issue (many places even had access to these tools, as evidenced by the document).

On the other hand, this move from Ma has generated dissatisfaction from smaller repair shops, which are concerned about the reduction in demand; After all, if an authorized service provider charges Apple less for a service (guaranteed to be perfect), why go to other stores where this might not work out?

IFixit CEO Kyle Wiens told the Motherboard This is a clear example that Apple is setting up a framework to comply with legislation in defense of the right to repair. He also said that, despite starting with the big assistance, this project has the potential to expand to even more places and third party stores.

We can only hope that this program will reach Tupiniquin lands, too, perhaps in several years' time.

via AppleInsider