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Android for Players – Control instead of touch screen

Thanks to the powerful hardware and impressive graphics, Android games are much more interesting to gamers. Even though the onscreen controls are sufficient, many players are looking for an ideal gaming experience. For this reason, I tested several games with a PlayStation controller on my Nexus 7 tablet and with an Archos GamePad. Check out the result!

PlayStation Control

With the Sixaxis Controller app you can connect your PlayStation control via Bluetooth for use on a tablet. Games like GTA: Vice City provide a much better experience with control. For this you need a rooted tablet, the Sixaxis Controller app and of course a PlayStation controller. To check in advance if your tablet is compatible, test with the free app Sixaxis Compatibility Checker.

Step by step

  • Start the "Controller Sixaxis" application and press Start. The app will request Super User privilege.
  • The controller be recognized.
  • In the lower left corner a Bluetooth address appears. It will be needed later.
  • Download and install the program SixaxisPairTool.
  • Start the program and connect the remote control via a mini-USB cable to your computer.
  • In "Change Master", enter the tablet's Bluetooth address and click "Update".
  • In "Current Master" the new Bluetooth address will appear.
  • Now unplug the controller and press the Home button on the controller (the one with the PlayStation logo).
  • The LED lights behind the control must flash and remain lit.
  • Tip: Enable in the Sixaxis app settings "Gamepad Settings" instead of "Enable Gamepad" so that the contorle is recognized as Gamepad for Android.
  • Ready. Your control is connected to the tablet!

Here you have a small selection of games that are compatible with the PS3 controller:

GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, Shadowgun, Riptide, Shine Runner, Sonic CD, Soulcraft, Zenonia, Max Payne, Dead Trigger, Virtua Tennis

Now if you play GTA: Vice City, you can directly use the controller. The only disadvantage of Sixaxis is that we can only use the controller with games that are compatible with it. An emulator cannot control.

In some games we have to manually assign the controls to the options. In GTA: Vice City this process is done automatically. I have to say that the control responds very smoothly, quickly and without waiting time.

Archos GamePad

An alternative to PS3 control on a tablet rooted the Archos GamePad. With this Android tablet, the control is already installed and with a mapping tool you make the screen respond to physical buttons on the GamePad.

A GamePad costs 150, approximately $ 410. At this price you will have the following specifications: a relatively dark 7 inch screen, a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. I must say that I noticed some mishaps in the game Dead Trigger. The integrated control, unfortunately, is not very bright. The two analogue sticks are a bit difficult to use and do not work very well. The 7-inch GamePad is not converted to a compact device, the secondary buttons are not as easy to use as they are on the PlayStation controller, which makes it all the more convenient.

In short, GamePad control doesn't seem like a good idea. The only good thing is the fixed mapping software. So you can assign a hardware button quickly.

So, in the video below you can draw your own conclusions about the two ways to play an Android game, either by using a bluetooth-connected control to a tablet with toot access or with an Archos GamePad. Anyway, considering the value, the GamePad is definitely not a poor quality device.

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