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Android apps to survive the Apocalypse!

The date is marked on the agenda: tomorrow is the end of the world. The Mayans had foreseen some time ago a hidden event that would take place during the winter solstice on December 21, 2012 or something like that. I will be working tomorrow, surrounded by smartphones, tables and applications. So I conducted a search for apps that can help me survive the end of the world. Here is a selection with those who offer some chance of surviving the Apocalypse.

What can happen tomorrow? What exactly does Revelation? Well, I don't think anyone wrote a book based on real facts about it. So good luck to all of us!


We know it all starts with a erupting volcano, an earthquake, a tsunami, a tornado, tsunamis, lightning. To know exactly when it will happen and where in the world we will need these two applications:

Lightning Distance Calculator

The Lightning Distance Calculator equates the distance between you and lightning based on the speed of sound. Just press the button when you see a flash and then click the button when you hear the thunder. The app will calculate where the radius has fallen and will show on a map.

Earthquake Alert

The Earthquake Alert, an earthquake alert! Measures signals by predicting a magnitude earthquake via satellite. So you will know if the earth crumbles at your feet.

A zombie attack

Who has never watched The Walking Dead shoot the first stone, but everyone has heard the theory of Zombie Apocalypse, right? Maybe the zombies don't knock on the door tomorrow?

Zombie Run

Zombie Run is an app that shows where zombies are on a map and the best routes to escape. This is a good game, but you never know, maybe we can turn it into an app to share information by tomorrow! If you can't use it for some survival purpose, you can at least spend time in a jail with nothing to do!

How to find a shelter quickly

You won't want to ride all night, right? After killing some zombies, you still need to find a place to hide. For this you will need:


Before the end of the world, train to avoid mishaps. Dodge obstacles with TheEndApp, a very good game that puts you in an apocalyptic universe. As you can see from the video below, this is the Temple Run in Revelation:

Link to video


Using Banjo, you can find information and photos from your contacts around the world: check what is happening in the world at any time if your friends are still alive or simply post a picture of a tsunami in New York.

And survive…

Once you find a cave or even an abandoned building, with a bit of luck a bunker or a place on an alien-destined ship, you must survive. A, you never know what you'll need …

Tool box

So having a toolbox with 18 functions multiplies the chances of survival. Flashlight, because electricity will be cut off, magnifying glass to check a zombie bite, do not lose the compass to the north, magnetic field sensor, etc …

Map of the Dead

In your browser, go to the Map of the Dead a page that identifies places where you can find supplies in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. It shows the gun shops, supermarkets and some service stations that are working.

Doomsday 2012 Survival Guide

Finally, you can buy the Doomsday app that offers a very well done English survival guide. How to build a shelter, how to find food, list of objects needed as weapons for survival, health kit, this way you will know exactly what to do. Set traps to catch a rabbit, set a net to catch fish, where to find clean water: you Into the Wild!

Link to video


Of course the smartphone will not be of long or great help. There is no battery life and once the electricity is cut off you will look ridiculous with all of these apps. Take a Nokia 3310 if you really want a cell phone to survive to the end! Oh, you can also use it as a hammer to beat zombies.

Graphic Art: Nina Pechkovskaya

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