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5 essential apps for your Android smartphone or tablet

If you received a new Android smartphone or tablet as a Christmas gift and are looking for apps, here are, in my opinion, five apps favorites I consider absolutely essential, on any device Android.

After Google has published its list of the top 10 apps of 2012, check out my top 5apps for any new Android device (to download, just click on the image or link):

Solid explorer

Solid Explorer is a file manager that gives you a new file browsing experience. This file manager app has an attractive and intuitive look, unlike many file managers.

Nothing works without a file manager and Solid Explorer my first option! It features two viewing modes for a better file browsing experience.

The app costs 1.54 ($ 1.17), but can be tested for free for 14 days.

In this screenshot you can see the two viewing modes offered by the app.

Solid explorer


AirDroid is an app that lets your users manage and control their smartphones through a computer or Wi-Fi connection. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Have you ever imagined writing your messages on the computer?

AirDroid is fast and packed with useful functions and features that make it easy and comfortable to manage files located on your smartphone through a computer.

Best of all: free!

The app offers a powerful interface.



On the latest Google Nexus devices, Google Chrome is already pre-installed as a default browser. If you have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on your device, you can easily install Chrome.

If Chrome is signed in with your Google account, the app will sync your bookmarks and also allow you to access the open tabs on your computer (and vice versa). The browser is definitely my favorite, especially because of its speed, organized look and integration with other Google apps.

I was an Opera user, but with the release of Chrome, I surrendered immediately.

Google Chrome

Beautiful Widgets

A lot of people prefer the Android operating system (me included), because of the widgets: thanks to all those who make it possible for me to have a dynamic, personalized widgets home screen. One of my favorite widgets apps is Beautiful Widgets. Stay informed about the weather with a weather widget on your home screen.

Beautiful Widgets is a collection of varied widgets such as weather forecast, data and smartphone management controls. In addition to the (beautiful) native widgets, you can still download lots of skins. The app is also optimized for tablets, bringing some great widgets for use at high resolutions. Your price is $ 2.99.

Beautiful Widgets version 5 is a big hit.

Beautiful Widgets


There are many cloud storage services, but Dropbox is my favorite. You can easily browse and edit your files and of course upload new files into your Dropbox. Also on request, your taken photos can be saved directly to Dropbox. And of course you can also share your photos stored in Dropbox files and share them with others.

Your files can be shared with a number of other services.


Obviously, I have a lot more apps installed on my Android device. There are many other good apps, but with the five apps presented here, you're well served.

What are the top five Android apps, in your opinion, readers?

(Photos: NH / AndroidPIT)

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