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Ubuntu MATE 19.04, Ubuntu for Hybrid Notebooks (Intel + NVIDIA)?

The big news in Ubuntu MATE version 19.04, the automatic distro support for hybrid notebooks (Intel + NVIDIA), as well as other enhancements to it.

Not to be missed, one of the flavors of Ubuntu that has become a darling of the community for its lightness and personalization, Ubuntu MATE also comes in version 19.04 with a big news, easy support for hybrid notebooks with Intel + NVIDIA GPUs, besides of other updates in the project. Let's check it out.

  Ubuntu MATE 19.04, Ubuntu for Hybrid Notebooks (Intel + NVIDIA)?

We will start with the MATE project and its related tools, such as the MATE Desktop, MATE Dock Applet, Caja and the like.

Ubuntu MATE 19.04 will also come with MATE Desktop 1.20.4 with the latest patches provided by the team. They mentioned that they are not shipping with version 1.22 because of stability in new features that still need lapping.

In this version of MATE, it now supports HiDPI, auto-sensing, and scaling displays. Global Menu Support (long present in Unity7). The Caja file manager, which is in version 1.20 with improvements to its code and punctual bug fixes. MATE 1.22 will enter the next development cycle, which will be from Ubuntu MATE 19.10. For more details on MATE 1.20, you can check it out here.

Another application from the MATE project that received an update was the MATE Dock Applet, which simulates other graphical interfaces, such as Windows, macOS and the late Unity 7. Now it is at version 0.88.

NVIDIA Drivers & Hybrid Notebooks

This news from Ubuntu MATE 19.04 took me by surprise. After NVIDIA's Alexandre Ziebert interview, saying that Microsoft had taken over the responsibility of switching and everything else in the hybrid world, I seriously thought that something like that would not come to Linux, or that it would take too long. Good thing I was wrong. (smiling emoji)

Although in normal Ubuntu you need to activate after installation (and this is not an 8000 million head bug), Ubuntu MATE preferred to cut paths and thus already activate on installation. When you are installing the system, simply enable the following option Install third-party software for Wi-Fi graphics and hardware, and the system will do the rest.

Right after installation, if you want to confirm that the NVIDIA Driver is installed correctly, just open the terminal and type nvidia-smi. In addition, Ubuntu MATE will add a graphical applet where you can choose the GPU you want to use. The name of the MATE Optimus applet

Honestly, this is very good and exciting for those who have hybrid notebooks (Intel + Nvidia) like me, who so far had some trouble to use the Penguin, which are bypass but today require some manual adjustments. I know many will talk about Bumblebee, primus, bbswitch, optirun and primusrun, but as we can see in the image below, only Bumblebee has had a recent move while the other projects (apart from optirun and primusrun) are still stopped, and using them on newer GPUs quite problematic. I hope Canonical gives this early tip on Linux, joining forces with NVIDIA as well, thus bringing the technology to its fullest.

To download Ubuntu 19.04 just click on this link, and their post posting can be checked here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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