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Turning on Google Assistant 'Environment Mode'

Google Assistant is already installed by default on Android devices and makes it much easier to perform some tasks via voice commands. And to make it better, of course, Google continues to implement new features that sometimes even integrate with other installed devices and applications.

In turn, Google's last feature for its virtual assistant is called "Ambient Mode," which lets Google Assistant appear on the phone's lock screen with some items like a photo slide, commute information, and other data while the device charged. Here's how to enable Google Assistant Environment mode.


The new Google Assistant feature is already available in the stable version of the app, but it should still be slow to appear for some users as it is being released gradually.

So far, the new feature is appearing for people using Android 8.0 or higher on Nokia, Xiaomi and Sony-branded phones, but is not told by the company if there are any requirements or if it is restricted to them.

How to enable Google Assistant environment mode

Despite being a new and useful feature for many people, Google's new function for its virtual assistant is not enabled by default, but the process for it is simple to perform. Check out:

1. Open Google Assistant normally and slide its window up;


2. Tap the avatar of your account and enter ?Assistant?;


3. Swipe down and touch ?Phone?;


4. In the menu, find the function ?Ambient Mode? and enable it.


Once you have performed this process, you will still need to grant Google Assistant permission to show personal results on the lock screen in addition to your notifications. To do this, just follow the steps illustrated in the image below.

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With all permissions granted, now when your phone is charging, it will show Google Assistant on the lock screen, showing notifications and other information.


Using the photo slide

In addition to showing this more useful information, the new feature can also leave your device as a kind of frame while being charged. For this, in the same menu where the new feature was activated it is necessary to enable the option ?Photo Slide?. To use this function, also remember to leave the ?Picture Frame in Screen View? option enabled.


Ready! You now know how to enable the Google Assistant environment mode feature on Android to gain access to some information while your device is charging.