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T-UI – A simple way to give commands on Android Terminal

Most Android users don't even wonder about giving text commands to the Smartphone system, but tech-savvy knows that Android is a Linux-like operating system like any other. one way to operate it this way.

Using the Linux terminal on Android

I really like to test things that change the way we interact with technology, I think liking Linux is a reflection of that in a way, and so I am always looking for an interesting App.

Some time ago one of the channel subscribers commented on this application called "T-UI", or "Terminal User Interface", which is nothing more than a launcher for your Android that modifies the main way of interaction with the device.

No cones!

Launcher T-UI Android

Unlike the launchers traditional ones that usually change the theme of home from your Android and even adding some features and shortcuts, which the T-UI does completely differently, it just leaves a terminal open on your screen where you can type commands.

Because doing absolutely everything via the command line can be problematic, T-UI also has several built-in recognition commands that make it easy for you to call system-installed applications or to enable and disable features such as Wi-Fi.

Check out the video below I demonstrated how it works:

This kind of thing is not for everyone for sure, but it has a "functionality" for T-UI that is not described anywhere: When you want to prevent that annoying person from locking your smartphone by simply lending or showing the device to her with the T-UI, you can be sure to fool most of your friends, you can take a test!

If T-UI is not "Linux Enough" for you, another cool App for you to test with a proposal more like a Linux terminal emulator (Bash or ZSH) Termux, which is worth checking out too.

See you next time!

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