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SuperTuxKart 1.0 released with online mode and news!

The stable version 1.0 of SuperTuxKart released! And full of news, as the long awaited mode multiplayer online. For those who are already an avid gamer of the game, and are brooding and saying: I was already playing online !, but this mode at the time was in beta, and was not coming in any version stable of the game, now comes


Known to many as The Penguin Mario Kart, the SuperTuxKart is heavily inspired by the mustache plumber's kart game, with distinctive features and characters from the Open Source / Free world. Like Tux, Linux mascot, Wilber, GIMP mascot, Daemon, BSD's famous little devil among other iconic figures.

Online multiplayer racing

In addition to multiplayer Local, well-known game, online mode provides play in both public and private rooms if you or a friend is the host of the game.

The number of players on the same server is 10 players. A stable and low ping connection is required for the host, otherwise it is not uncommon to see go-karts fading and popping out of nowhere.

New tracks and kart improvement

Particularly I am a (almost compulsive) player of Mario Kart, indifferent of verse (), and for those who enjoy the Nintendo game, realize that even being inspired by the most famous racing game of go-kart, SuperTuxKart is not a generic copy, having several differentials.

Starting with your game modes. You can enjoy classic racing mode, practice racing against time, battle with your friends by capturing flags or even playing a Rocket League with Free World mascots.

Items during the race also have unique mechanics, for example one that always gets in the way of gum. Oh Boring little bit saw ().

Something that bothers me about SuperTuxKart, the balancing of in-game go-karts and gameplay control, however the development team paid attention to these details and refined them, making them more balanced. New clues were also added and other small changes were made.

SuperTuxKart or Mario Kart?

The comparison is not the best possible, as the proposal is different. Because it is free software, SuperTuxKart is accessible to everyone who has a computer and wants to have fun without spending a toast with their friends. Remembering that there is an Android version, so gambling can be portable. Another point is the different modes of games, such as football and flag hunting, all without regard to characters like Tux himself.

Don't get me wrong, by no means I want to say that the lower Mario Kart, far from me such bullshit, however even though I'm a more hardcore Mario Kart player, I recommend the SuperTuxKart for casual players (don't expect the same level of graphics and all. more, compared to Mario Kart, the game targets another audience). Whether to play with your child, brother, friends or spouse. Several funny moments will come, try it.

Downloading SuperTuxKart

You can buy the game in a few ways for those who use it. Arch or Manjaro, just search for supertuxkart in the AUR.

In the case of Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives. There is a PPA, with stable versions and game candidates.

To install via PPA, open the terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: stk / dev

sudo apt install supertuxkart

Other means via Snap or FlatpakHowever, as of this writing, the version of the game has not been updated.

However, the way I indicate it is best distributed by SuperTuxKart's own development team. Just download directly from SourceForge.

  Download SuperTuxKart 1.0

After downloading the game, extract the contents of the file in the desired directory and run the script. to start the game.

If you wish to run SuperTuxKart without the need for the terminal, right click on the, comes properties, then on the tab Permissions and mark the option Allow file execution as a program.


Then install the program Editor Menu.

You can do it via terminal with the command:

sudo apt install menulibre

Or search the store for Editor Menu


Open the Menu Editor, select some category (the games as indicated). Click on the first symbol / button, in my case one +then in the option Add Lanador.

Fill in as in the image below, and in the option Command, click on the folder icon and go to the file run_game.script, select the same. Choose a cone to your liking.


If there is any doubt about the procedure, see the video about the Editor Menu. The procedure was performed at Deepin, however indifferent to the distribution.

Have you tested SuperTuxKart's online mode? If you haven't downloaded it yet, don't waste time

Join our forum Diolinux Plus and find other players for whom you can book a game ().

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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