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Specials of the day on the App Store: Space Marshals, Alleys, DeskCover and more!

Take advantage of our traditional selection of promoes on the App Stores this tuesday!

Space Marshals, by Pixelbite, an adventure ?in the Old West of space? is once again our highlight of the day.

You're in the shoes of expert Burton, on a mission to hunt down dangerous fugitives who have escaped a maximum security arrest.

Space Marshals app icon

Nota on the App Store

My note

Spread traps, use distractions, shields and hide by changing the game using your knowledge of space as an advantage against criminals. Take part in missions, buy more weapons and sync your progress via iCloud (for all your devices).

Check out a game trailer:

Miscellaneous guarantee! Enjoy the discount!

Below are other apps / games that together add up to almost $ 42 off:

IOS apps

Alleys app icon

Adventure style game.

Snap Markup app icon - Annotation Tool

Photo annotations and more.

The Christmas Gift List app icon

Preparations for Christmas.

Vertigo Racing app icon

Racing game.

Billy Frontier app icon

Wild West game.

App for macOS

DeskCover app icon

Hide the mess on your table (Desktop).

Enjoy the offers and see you tomorrow! Ah, remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! ?