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SensorKit: Apple May Be Developing New Framework for Health Researchers

Apple today maintains two frameworks health professionals to use company devices and services to conduct scientific studies: ResearchKit (which enables the creation of research and related forms for data collection) and the CareKit (Focused on solutions for patients to track and manage their own medical conditions).

Now a third platform may be coming to join the first two: according to the 9to5Mac, which has heard close sources of the subject, Apple is developing a new framework called SensorKit, which allow developers and healthcare professionals to use the full range of sensors present on Ma devices for scientific purposes.

Probable SensorKit IconProbable SensorKit icon.

With the new platform, professionals will be able to use, for example, the light sensor, the accelerometer, the gyroscope, the GPS, the pedometer, the keyboard and app usage log, as well as many other features on the iPhone and iPad. Apple Watch It will also be possible to access features present only in the watch, such as the heart rate monitor and the pulse sensor.

This is exciting because, with it, doctors and researchers will find it much easier to capture data from their patients and volunteers in their experiments. On the other hand, a privacy issue arises right now, these sensors, after all, can capture very sensitive personal information, and therefore some users may not feel comfortable sharing data at all times.

With this in mind, the rumor says that Apple is also finalizing a new app called Search (Research), where users can manage the studies they are part of and possibly allow access to their data individually or choose to exit the survey at any time. According to 9to5MacMa also allows each of these studies to be released as a standalone app on the App Store for even more in-depth control.

There is no information about SensorKit's prediction of launch, but according to sources heard by the site, the platform is in very advanced stages of development which makes a presentation on next week's event quite possible. Let's wait.