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Promotions of the day on the App Store: Memory: Your Memo, Safety Photo + Video, My PaintBrush Pro and more!

Check it out and enjoy our selection of promoes on the App Stores this wednesday!

O Memory: Your Memo, developed by yoon sik kang, another good alternative for those who need to write things down quickly.

The focus of the application is to enter information without distraction, advertisements or any kind of internal purchase. You simply write.

There is also Touch ID / Face ID support, color categorization, text search and Dropbox backup (yes, only Dropbox). Oh one widget completes the feature pack.

Memory app icon: Your Memo

N / ANota on the App Store

My note

Do not waste more time and download now! ?

Below are other iOS apps / games that together add up to almost $ 76 off:

IOS apps

Safety Photo + Video app icon

Store photos.

Widget Calendar app icon

Calendar in the form of widget.

Skyclock 2.2 app icon

Track the sunrise / sunset.

Remote Control app icon for Mac - Pro

Remote control for your Mac.

App for macOS

My PaintBrush Pro: Draw & Edit app icon

Drawings and illustrations.

Enjoy the offers and see you tomorrow! Ah, remembering that they are always for a limited time, so good to run! ?