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Promotion: Big discounts on 40 MacOS apps starting at $ 5!

The folks at BundleHunt has a long history of creating bundles (ie app packages) for macOS for very attractive values ??and very popular app options. Today, in preparation for the macOS CatalinaIt could not be different.

The newest bundle The company adopts a model in which you pay only for what you want. It works like this: First, you unlock the package with a $ 5 fee; Then simply add the apps of interest to you in the cart all at great discounts and close the purchase exactly the way you want it. Fantastic, isn't it?

On this page you can check all the 40 applications offered in the package (and nothing prevents you from adding everyone to the cart and buying the bundle whole, incidentally). Below, we highlight some of the offers we consider most valuable:

  • iMazing: data transfer software between Mac and iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, $ 45 per $ 6;
  • iStat Menus 6: utility that displays your machine and system information right in the menu bar for $ 15 a $ 3;
  • Luminary 2018: developer photo editor from developer Macphun, $ 70 a $ 4;
  • WALTR 2: app that sends files and media to iPhones, iPads and iPods touch simply by dragging your files to a $ 40 per window $ 4;
  • Folx Pro: $ 20 advanced torrent manager $ 1.50;
  • Mosaic: Pro Edition: to pin windows in any position and size on the screen with simple gestures, $ 30 per $ 3.50.

All applications are, of course, official and in their latest and most complete versions. It's worth it to enjoy! ?

tip of @jp_flores