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Poll: What is the best tablet of 2014?

Our list of the best of the year is heading for the final stretch. Today we will open the vote for the best tablets launched in 2014. It is worth remembering that only devices sold in Brazil are accounted for. Participate, leave your vote!

Vote now!

Our list of the best of the year is growing with every vote, and it won't be complete without your opinion. The champions will be presented on the 27th at the AndroidPIT Awards 2014. Vote now!

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What is the best tablet of 2014? / ANDROIDPIT


Tegra Note 7

Equipped with Nvidia's Tegra chip, the Gradiente-mounted tablet in Brazil, it surprises for its cost-benefit and high gaming performance. In addition to its ergonomic and solid design, the device runs on the latest version of Android KitKat.

Tegra note nvidia gradient
Tegra Note Gradient. / Bruno Ricardo; AndroidPIT


Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

One of the best screens among tablets launched in 2014. The Galaxy Tab Pro 12 appeals to those looking for productivity, offering big screen, high performance and attractive design.

androidpit samsung galaxy note pro 122
Galaxy Tab 12.2. / ANDROIDPIT

Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Only it can hide the brightness of Tab Pro 12.2. With octa-core performance, the same 2K resolution as the previous model but on a 10.5 inch screen. Moreover, the design is one of the most elegant in the current Galaxy line, including even smartphones.

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Galaxy S Tab. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2><strong>Xperia Z2 Tablet</strong></h2>
<p>The Xperia Z3 Compact should arrive soon in the country, so the model that represents Sony in our selection will be the Xperia Z2 Tablet. OmniBalance design offers precise and ergonomic design, plus a thickness of envy. The device has water protection and high performance. </p>
<figure><img alt=
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet. / AndroidPIT

Its time has come! This list will not be complete without your opinion, so vote for the device you rate as the best tablet of 2014 Of course, if your favorite is not in the options specify in the comments below. Join in!

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