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Ninja Fishing | AndroidPIT

Our review today is dedicated to a very popular game that you should probably also know: Ninja Fishing. This name goes back, of course, to the famous Fruit Ninja. And we can really classify Ninja Fishing from the younger brother of that. How about knowing what your similarities are by reading our review?

Functions & Usage

One of the first games that were released for the Android platform was Fruit Ninja. Ninja Fishing, in turn, has a direct relationship with him, but it is not a mere cloning. And so it tends to be that kind of game that makes everyone spend a lot of time in front of the screen, of course, playing. What caught our attention at the outset was that Ninja Fishing features a slightly more sophisticated mechanism. For example, there are many worlds in which to play, which already creates more willingness to vary and, consequently, increases the time spent playing. What differentiates the narrative that, as the name of the app itself, indicates: Ninja is now busy fishing. And for this, it is equipped with a rod and baits to be cast. The next step is to navigate the stick through shoals. The goal of the game, as it turns out, is to fish as many fish as possible. At one time, it is possible to capture 25.

Once trapped, the fish should be sliced ??in Fruit Ninja style. Some of them will need many blows to be cut. The similarities with Fruit Ninja cannot lead us to bad conclusions: Ninja Fishing offers more things than its predecessor.

It is one of the challenges to deal with the limitations that sea depth can bring. Not to mention the launching speed and the number of fish that ultimately make the game a lot of fun. With the accumulated gold, you will be able to go fishing shop and buy aid accessories, which will surely compete for a better score and performance.

After the game is over, Open Feint, Facebook or Twitter are spaces where you can share your performance. Ninja Fishing lacks a multiplayer mode, which would make it even more fun. In general, the game is very intuitive, including people who are not yet familiar with games on smartphones.

There are things to be improved. One is the fact that there are levels that can only be surpassed if you buy some accessories from the store. For these accessories, however, the app asks for real money …

Conclusion:Ninja Fishing has a beautiful design and idea, although simple, addictive. We think the game has the potential to improve a lot. But we have not failed to put it in the status of a high level game. For those who want to spend time, it is highly recommended.

Screen & Controls

The graphics of Ninja Fishing are very refined and the presentations are fun and well made. Calibrating finger movements on the screen is not the most accurate. Sometimes you have to press hard enough to get the desired movement. We are of the opinion that the app could have a calibration option to customize screen sensitivity.

Speed ??& Stability

Ninja Fishing works great, almost perfectly. However, the app could start a little faster. Nevertheless, as has been said, once it starts operating, it all works wonders.

Price / Performance Ratio

Ninja Fishing can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The app also has a store for the purchase of other elements.