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Loapi, a multifunctional virus for Android

Kaspersky has announced the discovery of a new Android virus that can do many things and has already affected many people, especially in Central and South American countries.

Loapi has a complex system of features and has eventually spread among Android users through ads that pretend to be antivirus and porn apps.

So far, no app from within the Google Play Store has been identified as a catalyst for Loapi, so the user needs to download a contaminated app from the internet, free installation from unknown sources on Android, and then allow the app to run. App install itself.

Once installed, it requests administrator rights to take control of the Smartphone, among the actions that Loapi can do, we accept invasive advertising, pop-ups and the like, SMS control, paid service subscription. SMS, Smartphone control to be used for DDoS attacks and even, mining of Monero cryptocurrency.

Removing Loapi from Smartphone can be a bit tricky for ordinary users. If you install an antivirus that would be able to identify Loapi as a threat, it may start sending messages to the user, stating that malicious antivirus software needs to be removed, the number of notifications for removal flashes until the user ends up removing it. The safety tool.

Although the virus does not have the ability to access credit card data, it has inconvenient features such as battery overcharge, which can shorten the life of the device.

How to avoid or remove Loapi

If the antivirus response was not enough, when trying to remove superuser permissions, the application closed to prevent Loapi from being disabled.

* Honestly, I did not understand if necessary already have root on the smartphone for the virus to install or if Loapi himself is able to root the smartphone. I bet more in the first case.

Avoid downloading applications from unreliable sources, because while Loapi is efficient at what it does, it relies heavily on user action to install itself. Always download apps directly from Google Play, even if the Google store is not perfect and sometimes misses something, it is even safer than downloading from a random source.

It was not clear, but probably a hard reset on Smartphone should end Loapi too. Keep your applications and operating system up to date, especially those that have a direct connection to the internet (browsers for example), to ensure you have the best level of protection.

Do not forget, the best antivirus yet you.

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