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Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) | AndroidPIT

Nowadays it's easy to have access to Office documents, whether it's for viewing or managing them: everything can be done from a mobile device. And there are many apps offered in the Android ecosystem, including Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free). Want to know a little more about your pecualidades? So read our app review today.

Functions & Usage

Devices: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Version: 4.2Root: SimMods: No

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Version: 4.2Root: SimMods: No

As we said, lately mobile devices have been increasingly used to view and change Office type documents. Of course, everything is easier on a tablet, as it has a larger display, suitable for making changes.

Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) allows users to view PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel documents as well as Microsoft text documents. Unfortunately the app does not support OpenOffice formats.

The function of PDF Viewer visualizes all types of PDF document, and a very interesting feature is the possibility to return to the last viewed position. This allows the user to go back and even scroll between documents when needed. This is undoubtedly a very useful feature that is also present in the version of Office 2013.

The big problem with other apps is that many of them do not correctly display all text formats in Word function. In this respect Kingsoft Office makes a difference: every document accessed has respect for its proportions, font size, color and formatting. Not to mention that the app has many options to change and correct texts. The most interesting that all the menus of the application remind us of the PC, that is, with lists of symbols and templates.

In this regard, we should still make two comments: one regarding the size of the characters. You cannot increase or decrease them based on unfamiliar measurements (eg, size 10, 12, etc.). You will need to follow the app defaults. The second comment regarding the available font types: the app does not offer the classic Word set, only the default. Despite its regrets, the app still offers a great text editor, with important functions such as notes, zooming and spell checking.

Excel sheets can be viewed and edited in a variety of ways: by creating and formatting new cells or by editing existing cells. Of course, limitations are naturally imposed on editing Excel tables due to the size of the device screen. The app, however, does not fail to do its homework very well.

To add PowerPoint type documents, just one click and then the configuration options will facilitate the necessary modifications to a certain presentation. The Memo function is quite interesting as it offers the same formatting options as normal text files. However, we should point out one more problem with Kingsoft Office: Text files can be formatted, but changes are not saved, thus keeping simple notepad traditional text files.

Finally, you can save files to Google Drive, Dropbox, or clouds. From these services, you can still carry files that were previously saved in the app, modify them or protect them with a password.

Conclusion:Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) is a complete Office suite that comes with many very useful functions. The best this is a free app. Of course there are some aspects that could be improved, but we still recommend those that tend to work with text files from your mobile device.

Screen & Controls

Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) is extremely simple to operate, despite the many features the app offers. The initial interface is clearly configured and guarantees the user quick access to all functions. Newly visited documents are automatically displayed and functions can be accessed by dragging horizontally over a bar. Tablets are ideal surfaces for this type of app, but there is no difference in operation between devices. Screen sizes may change, but the app has no adaptability issues.

Speed ??& Stability

Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) worked smoothly and smoothly. Compared to how other apps work, on tablets in particular, we feel a noticeable difference: Kingsoft Office was faster than the others.

Price / Performance Ratio

Kingsoft Office 5.2 (Free) can be downloaded for free and without any advertising on our App Center. It should be noted, however, that in this version, file saves have a time limit and expire if the paid app is not purchased. So, as a test, it is worth checking the free version.

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