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Intel processors bug may also affect ARM and AMD processors

A few hours later, this news reverberated around the world and companies, communities and developers began to speak out. Microsoft, which, as we had informed yesterday, would release the patch for Windows next Tuesday, as usual for this kind of update, has decided to release an emergency patch today and it is now available, as is the patch for Windows. Linux, which came out yesterday, for macOS, we still have no information.

Intel finally commented on the case commenting that this issue may affect other CPUs as well, such as AMD and ARM, however, did not disprove the fact of the performance slowdown problem.

Last night Google's security blog commented that "Project Zero", the company's program that seeks to find faults in other companies' products, also came into play showing which faults were detected and confirmed Intel's information, saying that the failure can actually compromise third-party processors as well, not just the "blue side" ones.

THE AMD responded quickly to these possibilities by saying that their engineers have analyzed the flaws pointed out by Google: AMD Bug

Basically, the first of the three attack variables can be corrected via software update and should not affect chip performance, in the second case the architectural difference seems not to make AMD CPUs as vectors for attack and in the latter case there are differences. AMD's processor architectures that keep the failure from being exploited, that is, to the "red side out" of all evil, even the smallest.

ARM Holdings told us about the case yet, and Intel says it is working on firmware fixes that could help operating system developers work around the issue.

According to Google, even Chromebooks can be affected, but the fix for it is simple, just make sure it is up to date and enable the following parameter:

chrome: // flags / # enable-site-per-process

Chrome 64 should be released on January 24th, along with the Chrome OS update, which should fix the problem with Android devices, the problem may be slightly larger, given the fragmentation of updates that exists if If the problem is confirmed on ARM processors, but we still don't have enough information to talk about it, it is not clear if this flaw affects the processors of iPhones either.

For more information stay tuned here on the blog and always keep your operating systems updated.

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