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Huawei (also) wants to sell its 5G modems to Apple [atualizado]

The interest of the world's companies in the notorious iPhone with 5G connection (which nobody knows when to arrive) reminds me of that American movie, "Who Will Stay With Mary?" in which a group of grown men contests Cameron Diaz's character in the most comical ways possible and not for the least, considering that when it arrives, This mythical device will give a lot of fame and fortune to anyone who supplies their 5G modems.

Today, as reported by the Engadget, one more company entered this dispute: the Huawei.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese giant typically adopts a market strategy very similar to Apple's, that it designs and produces much of its electronics components. The Kirin series processors, for example, are exclusive to their own smartphones, as will the future 5G modems manufactured by the company. But Huawei is willing to make an exception specifically for Apple.

The information, from sources close to the subject, makes sense: Apple is having trouble getting 5G modems from its traditional suppliers, as Intel is beating its head to find out how to make the parts, Samsung and MediaTek seem to be distant options and Qualcomm, good to call Qualcomm must be the last thing Cupertino is looking for right now.

5G chips Balong 5000Huawei would be an interesting alternative for Apple: Apple is in the advanced stages of development, and the chip is "already available" for sale, according to executives so much so that it will be present in devices like the Mate 20X and the Mate X folding. , which will be launched in the summer of the northern hemisphere. The modem supports 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G networks with a wide range of frequencies, which would potentially give Apple the flexibility to build a global iPhone.

Still, there is no indication that Apple is interested in opening talks with Huawei: companies are already competing today and are expected to compete with even more strength in the coming years, as China advances its plan to become the leading smartphone maker. of the world. It is also important to note the problems of the US government with the company until the second order, Huawei devices are banned in the United States for privacy concerns and the company's collaboration with the Chinese government.

Anyway, we are talking about a mere possibility after all, Apple will have to decide on a partner if it wants to put 5G iPhones on the market at least before its own modem is ready. It will be interesting to follow the next steps of this story.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 4/15/2019 10:13 AM

What was only a possibility raised by anonymous sources has now been confirmed. CNBC by Huawei's own CEO, Ren zhengfei.

"We're open to Apple," said the executive when asked if he would sell 5G chips for use in iPhones.

Later in the same interview for the CNBCZhengfei said Steve Jobs was "a great man who created the mobile internet age" and also showed admiration for Apple as a company. Cool.