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Gameloft features Fierce Blood, a new RPG based on the Unreal Engine graphics engine, which guarantees incredible graphic quality, reaching the level of console games. The question is: be one of those multiplayer games? If you want to know what we think, keep reading this review.

Functions & Usage

Devices:Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: No

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Version: 4.0.4Root: SimMods: No

Wheel from: Android 2.3Apps2SD: not recognizedSize: Approx. 2.3 GBOptimized for ICS and Jelly Bean: YesOptimized for tablet: No, but it works very well

Permits:Network CommunicationSD CardIncoming CallsDeactivate Standby ModeVibration ModeThe Fierce Blood story stems from a love triangle involving King Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot at the time of the Round Table. The rather creative version here: to take revenge on Lancelot's betrayal and Guinevere's infidelity, King Arthur, along with his sister Morgana, decides to open the gates of hell and imprison Guinevere there. Lancelot, the protagonist of Fierce Blood's mission, is to enter hell and defeat monsters to free his beloved.

The knight can count on the help of Merlin, who has so often encountered Morgana and her dark magic. Merlin to supply Arthur with complementary weapons to facilitate his victory before Morgana. This, in turn, appears in the form of a dragon or an avenging angel.

The fact that the setting, the contextualization of the plot creates a whole justification to fight, because, finally, this is the main objective of the game: to fight enemies. Lancelot gets stronger and stronger as the game progresses. He starts it all with a sword, but soon he equips himself with two axes and a bow. All weapons can be purchased with in-game gold or real money from the Fierce Blood store.

In terms of combat, you can inflict deadly blows on enemies as well as increase the speed of blows. Weapons may be incantated with fire, ice or lightning. And of course, the main character can also have their skills improved: life energy, mana, stamina and speed are the skills that can be increased by more experience. During battles, it is possible to create special combinations of moves (these are produced automatically just by repeatedly clicking the attack button), or sprint-combos, making special attacks at high speed.

Although the game does not offer a large amount of weapons, through magic it is possible to get a number of effects and combinations. And even the monsters are from various species and there are those who are boss mrs and some with lower status. Thanks to the magic and difficulty of the fighting, we can safely say that the game is by no means fair.

In addition to the fierce blood battle scenario, Gameloft has also spread the game of cages and prisoners. These should be sought as they are not directly on the road. Their release takes place through a mini-game within the game itself: you must move certain stone blocks to unlock the prison's doorway in strategy game brackets. Apart from that the Fierce Blood brings some puzzles to be solved, which lead to the reunion of crystals and opening of secret doors.

A noteworthy feature is multiplayer, which can be played over the Internet with up to eight players. The mode features a classic death match, in which one must capture the flag left on the map of other players. It's a very fun game mode even if you use a standard character without being too equipped: you'll have a chance to win anyway. A small problem during the fighting: the subjective camera is not always focused on the action …

Conclusion:Fierce Blood is a really great fighting game of the last generation. Although there is something to be improved, we have no doubt recommend it.

Screen & Controls

The Unreal Engine graphics engine is really the strong point of the Fierce Blood. However, there are some zoom setting issues to solve. The special effects are of the best quality, but the scenery surrounding the action deserves more care. To open the doors, you will always have two attempts, because first the game seems to not react. These details in no way compromise the game's success, but being from Gameloft, we expected the best of the best.

Speed ??& Stability

Ferocious Blood takes over a minute to charge on all devices we use for our tests. Even loading between levels is rather slow. On the tablet, the game a little less fluid, but without major slow problems.

Price / Performance Ratio

Fierce Blood costs 5.49 or $ 14.31 on Google Play. The only downside to the app is that, despite the game being paid, there is an option to buy real money gold. It seems clear the willingness of developers to earn maximum profit with this app …

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