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Chrome for Android to mirror Chrome for PC in 2013

According to W3schools, in October, Google Chrome was the most popular browser, reaching 44.9% in terms of usage trend. This statistic proves users' preference for the browser and raises a question, why is the mobile version of Chrome at 18, if the office version 23? It seems that Google wondered about it and stated in its social network that this situation is about to change in 2013.

The search giant has announced on Google+ that from next year, Chrome browser versions – desktop / mobile – will be side by side in terms of updating, ie the same Chrome you have on your PC will be enabled on your smartphone. or tablet.

We expect a Chrome Android update to be available before the end of the year, and we are actively working to align all platforms, including Android, starting early next year.

It is not yet known for sure which improvements and innovations will come when the versions are matched, but it will certainly bring about stability and performance improvements. So Chrome can undoubtedly become the most popular browser for smart phones too, don't you think?

Do you use the Chrome for Android on your smartphone? If not, why do you look for other browsers? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Google Play Store

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