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Apple wants to register the word "Slofie" (and paid $ 400 for it)

If you followed last week's keynote, you'll probably remember the word Slofie Also, because Apple spent a little bit more than acceptable highlighting how funny its term is for such a common thing: selfies in video slow motion, provided by the front camera of the new iPhones (which allows slow camera recording).

We figured Ma's cutie would look like that for one word or another on her site, but not: The verge, the Cupertino giant has real intentions of registering the term as a private label ie Apple is really taking this story of selfie in slow motion seriously.

The application for registration of the term is already in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO), and Apple spent $ 400 Just for filing for bullet money (or less) for one of the richest companies in the world, of course, but still, the information remains.


As no one in the world had previously thought of a word as ugly as SlofieIt's very likely that Ma will get the rights to her and keep throwing her cool idea in our face. Still, nothing indicates that the company actually incorporates the term into iOS: when opening the front camera on the new iPhones, the slow camera mode is still indicated in English as ?Slo-mo?.

So t, no