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Apple is prioritizing MacBook keyboard repair [Pro/Air] in your stores

At the present time, problems with MacBooks, MacBooks Pro and MacBooks Air (with butterfly mechanism) have not been handled with particular dexterity by Apple. The company apologized for the headaches faced by the affected users, but gave no sign that it would take further steps to untie this node. Now at least one palliative measure is being taken.

O MacRumors we put our hands on a statement distributed by Apple to all its stores around the world stating that henceforth Mac repairs with defective butterfly keyboards should be prioritized. Stores should repair on their own premises instead of the usual procedure of sending computers to an Apple repair center and Macs should be returned to their owners within a maximum of one day.

To enable Macs to be repaired in stores, Apple shipped with the statement a number of additional parts and equipment that technicians will use for repairs. As a result, affected consumers will no longer have to wait between three and five business days for their precious computers to be returned.

It is good to note that despite the new policy, third-generation butterfly engine keyboards (featured in the new MacBooks Air and MacBooks Pro released in 2018) remain outside the repair program coverage for previous models. That is, owners of the latest machines can repair keyboards for free only if they are within the warranty period (or AppleCare +); otherwise, the repair will be charged.

This, of course, even in the second order: If Apple finds that even the latest generation of the keyboard has a design problem, the repair program should also be extended to newer machines. At least what we expect, right?