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Xiaomi lana Mijia and Viomi Electric Baseboard Heater baseboard heaters

THE Xiaomi launched its new electric skirting heaters Mijia Electric Baseboard Heater and Viomi Electric Baseboard Heater Pro, which arrive with very similar design and functionality, but will be sold under two different sub-brands. After all, the Chinese manufacturer's smart home products are all developed and designed by outsourced teams, maintaining only Xiaomi's identity.


Product will be offered through crowdfunding

While the Mijia version comes with the traditional white color that has been associated with the brand's products, while Viomi's alternative is only available in black. Skirting heaters work almost identically when using two heat conduction methods: by radiation and by natural convection.

The process begins when cold air is sucked in by the product and then heated inside. At the end of the process it begins to spread from the upper air outlet. This allows the entire house to be heated without drying the air. Even the method allows a wider area than usual to get warm on colder days.

Source: Xiaomi

The design of the two products is made in a compact size, which the company promises to facilitate the installation. The Viomi model comes with 136 aluminum alloy heating parts, while the Mijia model has 127 such elements. Either way, the parts guarantee a quick warm-up in about five seconds. The air outlet has high temperature resistance, preventing it from being deformed by heat.

The Viomi Electric Baseboard Heater Pro is sold in China for CNY 499 (R $ 298 in direct conversion), while the Mijia Electric Baseboard Heater Pro costs CNY 599 (R $ 357). Probably this is due to the higher reputation of the sub-brand Mijia, since Viomi's most powerful model.

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