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XFCE 4.14pre1 is released after four years of version 4.12

Four years after the release of XFCE 4.12, a pre-alpha version of the new version is available.

Many who need a lightweight and highly customizable graphical interface certainly find their safe haven in XFCE. The main dev of the project, Simon Steinbei, made the announcement on his blog about upcoming news and improvements.

  XFCE 4.14pre1 released after four years of verse 4.12

In the announcement, Simon showed four points that will be improved and refined in this next version of XFCE.

The first new feature was about xfce4-session, where FailSafeSession (default session for all users) will now only launch one set of applications (for example just panel loading and a few more apps) instead of loading all at once. (xfce4 panel without theme, multiple instances of nm-applet etc.). There have also been several user interface enhancements, as well as allowing scripts to be logged out, restarted and not suspended and so on. It was also announced the end of the home screens.

Already the second new thing about xfwm4, xfce's windows manager, where improvements have been added to support for vertical blanking (vblank), such as including GLX as the default method. Support has also been added for HiDPI blade for window scaling and also many corrections for it. Several bugfixes were also made and a new default theme will be added.

Entering the third new feature for xfce4-settings, where a new color frontend has been added, you can now manage the color profiles you have created, and the Display option has also been enhanced and expanded, ensuring a more flicker-free experience when changing Monitor settings at a certain frequency.

In the fourth and last news, with xfce4-panel0, where a bug with images in (semi) transparent backgrounds has been fixed.

To check out all the improvements, new to the new XFCE, which is likely to come out mid-August this year (2019), you can access the project mailing list via these links. Here and here.

Now comment on what you think of these early news and what to expect from XFCE 4.14.

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