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Wonder OS the new Android and PC gaming hub

Wonder OS is an operating system that promises to bundle all your games, whether for PC or mobile, into a game hub.


The initial idea of ??the company was to develop its own hardware and ship its Wonder OS operating system, however, apparently it changed its position, at least for now, now the target encompass smartphones from various manufacturers. Wonder OS basically a skin Android, however, refined to aggregate and focus on games. If initially the plans were to embed the system in smartphones Wonder itself, now being distributed as software to others devices.


Going beyond, it's not a simple Android launcher, a gaming hub!

Wonder has ambitious thoughts on its product, proposing an unusual way to try games on smartphone. Your Wonder OS system makes it possible to add games for Android and games to pc. In the case of PC games, Wonder OS uses the game stream system called WonderClound (Hmmm! I think I've seen something like this with such a Google Stadia ). Besides the possibility of PC and Android titles, there will be integration with Twitch and services for streaming of your games, an entire community, with groups and friends (like a Discord + Steam). There is a possibility to purchase titles directly from Wonder OS. As for the emulators, nothing was reported. wonder-the-hub-games-android-pc-desktop-mobile-streaming-nintendo-switch-google-stadia-microsoft-xcloud

Wonder OS Style Nintendo Switch

Another interesting feature of Wonder OS is the ability to use other screens during gameplay. With a concept similar to Nintendo's hybrid console, Wonder has developed accessories that can add to the use of its software. Although it appears that Wonder is currently not interested in selling its own smartphones, it sells hardware that can be connected to phones with Wonder OS installed. This includes the Wonder Dock, enabling use on larger screens such as TVs, approaching the experience of a traditional console. There is also the Wonder Gamepad, playing the role of a pro controller, once again making use compared to a desktop console.


Clearly we can see how ambitious the Wonder project is, being a start-up and relatively small company in the gaming world, to fear about the fate of Wonder OS. Competition is fierce in this space, Google and Microsoft, for example intend to launch their game streaming services (Stadia and Xcloud, respectively). There is the Nintendo Switch with an experience that combines the two concepts (portability and desktop console). Who knows at E3 2019 the company presents more information about the Wonder OS, we are looking forward and hoping for another good option in the market, after all, who wins is us consumers.

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