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Watch free movies with Crackle on your Android

That smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly functional, with features that set aside half the inventions of the past decade, no doubt about that. Especially because applications put us so close to programs that were once exclusive to computers and cable channels. An example of this is Crackle, a recently released Android and iOS app by Sony Pictures, which offers movies and TV shows to watch without paying a dime for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. That is, watch free movies with Crackle and close the neighborhood DVD rental account.

About Crackle

Crackle, Inc. is a multi-platform video entertainment studio and network that distributes movies, TV shows, and full-length, uncut, original programming across multiple genres. Crackle's channels and programs are known worldwide through the Internet, television channels, and were popularized until then through Sony electronics such as smart phones and tablets.

Basic requirements for you to watch free movies with Crackle:

  • Android version 2.3 or higher
  • Latest Flash Version
  • Internet access
  • ID and password (can use Facebook login to access Crackle)

Features offered by the Crackle app:

  • Watch all the content available on the site for free
  • Watch movies and series without time limit
  • High quality videos
  • New movies and TV episodes updated monthly
  • Content divided into seven categories: action, anime, comedy, cop, horror, suspense and science fiction
  • Favorites List
  • Integration with social networks

Regarding the content, the studio offers a mix of subtitled, dubbed and English only themes. And the player used to play Crackle's own streaming.

Watch Crackle movies and TV shows from anywhere, anytime for free.

To use the app on your mobile device, simply download Crackle for Android via the link below. Before confirming the installation, select the Free button, followed by the Install button. Most importantly, you will need an ID and password to enjoy the features of the app.

Download Crackle for Android

everything in range, really?

At the moment, this app seems to have fallen from the ass, right? However, when the product is free, make sure that the product is yours. So, to use the app, or even the Crackle website, you will come across commercials all the time. This is the price to pay for Crackle services. To learn more about Crackle's terms of service and privacy policy, please visit the app's support page.

This app can be compared to Netflix's.

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