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Twitter, the original | AndroidPIT

In recent days, we here at AndroidPIT have decided to look into testing with Twitter-based apps. These are apps made by third party developers that are not the official Twitter. Our question was: How does the official Twitter app behave on a device running the Android operating system? If you also want to know, read our review today and find out.

Functions & Usage

Twitter changed its policy a few weeks ago to developers who market apps based on the famous social network. It has limited the development API, thus affecting apps like Boid, Lanes Tweet or Tweetbot. These apps will have to comply with a number of protocols and procedures to obtain a certificate.

What about all this, knowing that Twitter is not only successful by itself, but also because of its proliferation through the apps just mentioned? The fact that the emergence of this obligation may pose a risk to Twitter. Either way, apps will have to take this new condition into account.

It turns out that some apps, like Plume and Boid, have too many sponsors, and Twitter wants to separate themselves from third parties and manage their database for themselves, and therefore select the advertising that will be shown to their users. In the Twitter app for Android several unique features have been implemented, such as a function of auto-completing usernames and hashtags. Filter functions have some problems: it is still possible, for example, to block only one user at a time. Not to mention that everything is too complex to succeed in this command.

The other basic functions of Twitter operate similarly in the app. Retweets, replies, and lists are therefore easily accessible, while some options that were not in the menu together were bundled into one app option. Maybe for ease of use.

Twitter's Android app is still a good choice. Maybe not bring so many surprises, but able to reproduce the best interface of the social network. You can find tweets and explore profiles of new users. The only one that does not exist with respect to the traditional version is the way direct messages are displayed. It is not possible to understand, but for this option there is no space at the top of the screen.

ConclusionWe can say that Twitter for Android brings almost all the features that a social network user expects to find on his smartphone. Twitter is therefore, to all intents and purposes, capable of being used on the mobile device without major quality losses. With respect for ease of use and screen, the app sometimes leaves something to be desired.

Screen & Controls

The most problematic point of the application is precisely this. The problem stems in part from the fact that Twitter often changes its interface and each layout brings with it different characteristics not always adaptable to a mobile device. The Holo design, for example, doesn't seem to exist for Twitter developers, and in general the controls seem to have been made more for iOS than for Android …

Speed ??& Stability

Twitter's normal performance, except for some slow downloading of images when it has no stable connection to the Internet.

Price / Performance Ratio

Twitter is available on Google Play and can be downloaded for free.