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Turnaround: American Apple Watch Series 5 is, yes, working on Claro's network!

A few days ago, we published an article here on the site informing that, unfortunately, the models of Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular connectivity sold in the United States (still) were not working in Brazil even offering the same support for bands 3 (1,800MHz) and 7 (2,600MHz) of European models, which will be the officially sold here.

To reach this conclusion, we have based our tests on the two carriers that already support the Apple Watches eSIM chip in our country: Alive and the sure. The problem that the test at Claro was flawed; We were not told, at the time, that the test on it had been done on a Claro Control (prepaid) account, which in fact does not support Apple Watch.

After some conflicting reports from readers of , we repeated the tests. At Vivo, in fact, for some reason whatever * is * not working yet; Of course, with a postpaid plan, unable to activate service no problem! ?

This means that there is no watchOS block for the use of American watches on national territory. In addition, apparently Claro was smarter than Vivo and has already released the use of new American models in Brazil by its operator profile installed on the iPhone.

That is, the situation is better than we expected. Still, for Vivo customers, it is ideal to expect to see if the carrier actually updates its profile with support for the American Apple Watches Series 5 although we see no reason why it should not.

Ufa! ?