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Top 5 Android Ringtones | AndroidPIT

In a way, the ringtone of a smartphone can be defined as the voice of the device as it differentiates message connections, alarm notifications and can even identify the person who is contacting you. So here follows a selection with the Top 5 Android Ringtones that has been drawing attention on Google Play Store.

5. Funny SMS Tones

The application Funny SMS Tones rene 75 ringtones for android that make receiving a message a joke. I mean, sounds like classic games, popular music parodies announcing that you got a message or email, sirens, bombs, remember the sound of ICQ? Robot movements, endless repetitions warning of incoming messages. Anyway, sounds known as car alarm, energy coming to an end or 80s hits like Scatman. The application has been downloaded by over 15,000 people and has 17 pages of complimentary comments.

To download the Funny Tones SMS app, visit the link:

Download Funny SMS Tones

4. Animal Sounds Ringtones

O Animal Sounds Ringtones offers a true safari of ringtones options. There are 43 animal sounds, with a very functional and user-friendly user interface where you can set ringtones, alarm notification and ringtones for your contacts. Among the ringtones are sound effects that mimic bears, bees, birds, buffalo, cats, chimpanzees, tigers, lions and even dolphins and whales. Incidentally, the sound emitted by the rabbits is something I would never identify if asked before today. Anyway, the app is a unique experience.

To download the Animal Sounds Ringtones app, visit the link:

Download Animal Sounds Ringtones

3. 4D 3D Ringtones

Haunting laughter, natural phenomena like thunder, applause, the waves of the sea, and even the crackling sound of a third-dimensional kiss, this is what the app offers. 3D 4D Ringtones. With an average rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store, the app can be used as ringtone, notifications, alarms and for contacts on your Android smartphone. There are 45 free high definition 3D ringtones. The curious thing about 3D sounds is that after the movement is set – circular, flying, zigzag, winding – the sound moves as configured.

To download the 3D 4D Ringtones app, visit the link:

Download 3D 4D Ringtones

2. Free Scary Ringtones

At the end of October, specifically on the 31st, Halloween is celebrated in countries such as the United States, Canada. Ireland and the United Kingdom. To get in the mood of Halloween, nothing better than the app Free Scary Ringtones. The free app features the 45 most downloaded scary android ringtones. In addition to regular updates, the app has also been developed for tablets. Just press the desired Halloween sound effect, hear the creepy ringtone and set it to standard ringtone or SMS.

To download the Free Scary Ringtones app, visit the link:

Download Free Scary Ringtones

1. Ringdroid

Now, if you are determined to change your Android ringtone and none of that caught your eye, how about signing up for your ringtone? O Ringdroid An app that lets users create ringtones of their own, and has been downloaded over 170,000 times from the Google Play Store. And the best, the free app! Before downloading Ringdroid, make sure that the music you want to make a ringtone is stored on your SD card and not in the cloud. When you open the app, a list of your songs appears, as well as a search bar and a button that says new record. You can use the button to record your own ringtone using your voice or by editing a song from your playlist.

To download the Ringdroid app, visit the link:

Download Ringdroid

And, did you like this selection? If you know other apps and have had a good experience with them, leave a comment below with the app name.

Image: Android Blog edited by me

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