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Tetris Challenge: New Challenge Sucks in Social Media | Social networks

Tetris Challenge is the new fashion on the Internet among emergency services. The challenge, which went viral on social media last week, is to organize vehicle equipment such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks on the ground to take pictures from above. Named after the classic Tetris game, a challenge in which the space organization is the key to winning the match, #TetrisChallenge has already reached European, Asian and Latin American countries.

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Tetris Challenge started with Zurich Police post, Sua, on Facebook Photo: Reproduction / FacebookTetris Challenge started with Zurich Police post, Sua, on Facebook Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

Tetris Challenge started with Zurich Police post, Sua, on Facebook Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

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The joke began on September 1, with a post from the Zurich Police, Sua, on its official Facebook page. The image featured two agents lying on the floor beside six traffic cones, a broom, two guns, and dozens of other service parts and equipment. "If you've always wanted to know what's inside a traffic patrol car, here it is," read the caption on the photo.

In an interview with The Guardian, Rebeca Tilen, a spokeswoman for the Zurich Police, explains that the photo was taken on a "day of open doors" when the department is free to visit: "We ordered a car and spread the contents." next door. Two cops had the idea to participate too. The photo was taken with a drone. "

"Since the challenge, our number of followers has increased once again and therefore our prevention campaigns and witness surveys have more reach, which is good for us," Rebeca told the newspaper.

The publication received over 4,500 likes and soon attracted the attention of other emergency services from Sua. The fire brigades of Thussis and Geneva were the first to mimic the layout of the original photo. It was not long before the game spread to other European countries, such as the Netherlands, Hungary and Germany.

The Tetris Challenge has become a global phenomenon and has reached emergency teams in the Asian cities Singapore and Taiwan. First responders from Mexico also participated in the challenge. In New Zealand, the police department took advantage of the viral wave to catch up on Twitter with a nearly identical photo it had produced in 2018.

Recall other viral challenges

The Internet now and again is struggling with challenges and games. In July, the fashion among users of Twitter and Instagram was the "cap challenge", which consisted of making a video by pulling the lid off a bottle with the powder, without dropping it after turning 360 with the body . In a similar way, the "finger-to-eye challenge" has also gone viral among netizens. Another successful joke was the 10 Year Challenge, where the proposal was to compare photos of the gift with records from ten years ago.

Via The Guardian and Facebook

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