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Seven Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become the main source of income for thousands of people around the world. Ten years ago, it certainly was easier to become a youtuber, but today things have changed. As with all work, I need to be disciplined and know how to develop content and the best ways to direct it, since the success of a channel depends on factors such as the dissemination of videos, building a community of fans and the audience. . All this without falling into the doldrums.

Here are some tips on how to start a career on YouTube.

1. Buy the right equipment

If you want to earn some money, you first need to spend some money. Fortunately, the equipment you need to buy to get started is not so expensive, and you can find many great things at a relatively low price. The first thing you need is a camera with good resolution, and even those who can't afford to buy a specific device, most of today's smartphones already offer excellent quality.

Be sure to record only when the lighting conditions are perfect. If your room is not bright enough, even if the video was recorded with the most expensive camera, it still looks bad. That's why a good lighting kit can help, and microphones, which aren't quite expensive even here in Brazil, are also super important.

2. Choose your channel ?theme?

Some of YouTube's most famous channels are focused on a variety of topics – from lifestyle and everyday to games and tech products. Even with this slightly larger scope, everyone has at least one niche. It is in this sense that you must decide which audience you want to reach with your videos, especially who is starting out: it is most important to focus on one subject, and then define the other ramifications.

For example, supposing you enjoy video games, you can sub-category action games and a third category with some specific title, such as Call of Duty or Fortnite. Videos with a more vlogger footprint don't get as much attention as the small channel, so it might be more interesting to invest in more relevant topics and then start making videos that show your routine. Unless your routine is bizarrely distinct from most users.

3. Know how to sell your channel

On YouTube, you are your own brand. And like any other product, you need to market it correctly if you want to make money. Create your own character so you are unique and interesting enough to make a difference. However, don't let this character go over your head. Sometimes some internet celebrities let fame speak louder and end up losing followers. Also, try to stay humble no matter what happens. Once you start gaining popularity, it's easy to put the cart in front of the oxen, and you may end up making bad decisions that can easily kill your reputation.

4. Make cool thumbnails for your videos

I know what you're thinking: ?Just a miniature, who cares? The video content is what really matters. ? The truth is that thumbnails, also known as thumbnails, matter a lot today. A thumbnail is the first (and usually only) thing viewers will see when they come across a video from your channel. So using vibrant graphics and colors increases the chances of attracting a user to click on your video and watch it.

Having design skills is important, but not 100% essential. There are countless amazing design tools out there, and many of them are easy to use without having to pay for a professional designer or have prior knowledge in the area.

5. Meet other youtubers

Have you noticed that youtubers often appear as guests on other channels with a certain frequency? This practice is used not only among acquaintances, but also for making contacts, and may even serve to find a new job or look for new clients.

The first step is to find the right people who can help you broaden your horizons in the world of youtubers. For example, you might find people who can ?boost? your channel or interact with other youtubers and invite them to appear during your videos. By doing so, you attract a portion of viewers to your channel. Whenever you return the favor and appear in other videos, you will also be shown on a channel that may even belong to a different niche.

6. Improve your placement with YouTube SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a set of practices used to increase the chances of a content being found on search engines such as Google or YouTube's internal search engine. By working in SEO, you help the platform algorithm to understand if your video was relevant or not for a particular query. Simply put, you make it easier for people to discover your content whenever they enter a search query.

Although you can still promote your videos through other channels (such as social media), working with this algorithm is essential. Good SEO is the key to "convincing" the algorithm that your videos should be recommended to many different people and a bulletproof method to ensure a steady stream of viewers reaches your channel.

7. Don't miss the beat of publications

A lot of people would like to watch daily videos from the same channel, and the YouTube algorithm itself pays attention to the update frequency. However, not all beginner content creators can follow this routine every day. An ideal number is three videos a week at the very least, but those who still don't reach that number can start with just one video a week.

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