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Security Flaw: Qualcomm Settings Are Accessible on Moto Line (Updated)

German user discovers almost unintentionally a security breach in the Moto G. From the Apex launcher, You can access Qualcomm's configuration menu without root. It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to reproduce the process on Moto E and Moto X. From these settings, users can enable USB mass storage or even disable all sensors on the device using a click. The point here is that this type of permission should ask for system root access and not be so easily accessible from the use of certain launchers.

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The security flaw is not critical, but according to Android developers, the app should ask users for administrative access, as many users may end up damaging the device by using such customizations without knowing exactly what they are for. Therefore, the feature should be used with some caution.

Apparently, Motorola's mistake in allowing a launcher can access a native processor app, because trying to play the action on my Xperia Z2 was unsuccessful. Remember that any application that put a shortcut to activities in the service area could access such services.

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Apex Launcher
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Nova Launcher
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So if you have a launcher like Apex or Nova, just follow the instructions below to access these settings:

  • Long press the screen using Apex Launcher;
  • In the menu, select "Shortcuts";
  • Select the option "Activities";
moto qualcomm settings
  • Locate and open "com.qualcomm.qualcommsettings";
  • Click on Qualcomm Settings;
  • Go back to the home page, click on the Qualcomm Settings icon;
  • Here you will have all the options required to customize the device.

Attention! The settings may seem innocent, but can cause problems if not well managed.

Article updated on 08/05/2014 – In response to AndroidPIT, Motorola Brazil has submitted the following statement regarding this security breach:

The processor configuration menu – cited by the publication – is a built-in tool for testing devices. Therefore, it was not programmed to be easily accessed by the user.

To access it and make any changes to the processor's setup menu, one must have advanced knowledge or follow some instructions posted on the Internet.

Motorola always recommends that none of these settings be changed as they may affect the normal operation of the device.

Motorola Mobility

What about, have you been able to play access on your device?

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