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Olivia, a stylish player for streaming audio

Do you like to listen to online radio, or maybe streaming music? So the Olivia player can be very interesting for you.

The languages ??say that Linux has no programs. Contrary to this statement, every day I know a app new to Linux. Particularly, I love it. Today I will present a player of music aimed at streaming, which I recently met when looking for new programs.

olivia-snap-player-cloud-music-music-streaming-youtube-rdio-app-linux Music player is a very personal matter, and on Linux there are many alternatives. If you have one player favorite, in no crime to have predilections, allow yourself to try new things. Without further ado, meet the Olivia software, a player of music written in Qt5, open source and that can draw your attention.

Olivia a streaming-focused player

Unlike most sound players (this one for old ones), Olivia focuses on streaming of audio. Whether looking for music on Youtube or online radio. O app It is constantly developing and as time goes on, new features are expected. With over 25,000 internet radio stations, the program may well appeal to radio listeners (I confess this is not my case).


The music player is in alpha, and because it is relatively new, problems with its interface may occur. If this happens, the developers themselves ask to run the app via terminal, with a command that apparently solves the problem (when executed via the command line). However, at least on my Ubuntu 18.04 installation, I had no problem. See the command below:

QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE = 'gtk' olivia-test.olivia

If Olivia has errors such as: fonts too large, and out-of-resolution appearance, the above command should work around.

Some Olivia Features and Features

With interesting features, I think it is worth the test of Olivia, I will name a few that caught my attention.

  • Search and playback of online artists, albums and music;
  • Youtube music playback (audio only, saving your internet bandwidth);
  • Online radio, with over 25,000 stations worldwide;
  • Customizable interface with colors, transparency, theme to music and more;
  • Mini player, standard player and full screen mode;
  • Recommended music, as related songs;
  • Opposite to listen to music offline;
  • Among other features (I don't want to ruin your discovery).


At the time of writing this post Olivia does not have the function to delete the cache music you are saving for offline playback. If you want to delete them, browse with your file manager (in my case I'm using Nautilus) and delete the files.

~ / snap / olivia-test / current / .local / share / org.keshavnrj.ubuntu / Olivia / downloadedTracks


Installing cloud player music Olivia

Being in development and considered as alpha software, the player could bring some risk to your system. This if it was not in Snap. In this format Olivia is part of your system, ensuring security and if you do not like the player, uninstall it without compromising your machine. To install the program on your system you will need to have Snap configured, in the case of Ubuntu it is the default. Are you using another system? No problem, go to this article and easily configure Snap.

For Ubuntu you can simply search for Olivia in your store and install it.


Or if you have Snap configured on your system, and prefer the terminal. Install with the command below:

sudo snap install olivia-test

To remove the program, use the command:

sudo snap remove olivia-test

Did you already know the player Olivia? After Spotify I started not using more players, but I was curious to try this one. Visit our Diolinux Plus forumMaybe the guys have indications of interesting music players.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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