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Now you can have Windows 10 running on your mirror for "only" $ 1,000

Now you can finally avoid the trouble of looking down at your phone screen to see the weather forecast while fixing your hair. Just push a button under the mirror, navigate between apps, push the weather forecast and "done". O Dirror is a mirror developed in Germany that runs Windows 10 and connects to the internet to give you a complete connectivity experience while standing in the bathroom.

Dirror Official Website

There are three different models, the Dirror S 10.1 '', the Dirror M 23 '' and the Dirror L 27 '', with values ??ranging from $ 1,050 to $ 2,650 (excluding shipping). The table below was organized by Neowin.

All models support voice control and Bluetooth 4.0. The borders have three color options: brown, brown plus white. Dirror is proof that now every year will be "the year of the Internet of Things".

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