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New Mozilla Firefox 67 arrives promising to be at least 40% faster

Second most used browser on the planet, Firefox version 67 promises faster site loading and greater privacy.

O Mozilla Firefox became a very viable option at a time when Internet Explorer reigned in browsers (Browser) and had soon become a leader in this segment. But with the release of Google Chrome, he lost space and fell in the ranking. But today is in second place, just behind the browser of the Google. But Mozilla wants to change that.

New Mozilla Firefox 67 arrives promising to be at least 40% faster Since the launch of the Quantum platform, Mozilla Firefox has been receiving several performance and performance improvements on how to load web pages. In addition to protecting the privacy of its users, with the release of complementary tools such as Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send (these two last covered here in the blog). Being the main focus of the Quantum platform, speed, privacy and security.

Some news of verse 67

– Prioritize essential features: Features that really are needed to load sites like Instagram, Google, Amazon and the like faster have been prioritized. This thanks to the priority modification in setTimeout;

– Hanging idle tabs: Very common in those who open zillions of tabs, noticeable the drop in performance of the PC, besides crowding the ram. Now Firefox will detect how much RAM you have left, and if it reaches 400MB, the browser will suspend the tabs you don't pay attention to long;

– Custom Browser: For those who customize Firefox with add-ons and themes, the new version will improve their openness, thus eliminating unnecessary processes.

Check out all the improvements and news here and here. Mozilla Firefox version 67 is available for Linux, Windows, macOS and Android. For the Linux version, you can expect your distro to be made available via update, or download via tar.bz2 packages or via snap. If your system doesn't support Snap, check out our article on how to enable it.

In my tests, the new Mozilla Firefox behaved very well, opening sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch much faster than the previous version and in some cases faster than Google Chrome.

Leave us comments, if you have already received the new version of Firefox and what you are finding.

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