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New MacBook Pro Benchmarks Show Good Advances Over Last Generation

When Apple updated its line of MacBooks Pro At the beginning of the week without much fuss, Ma's proposal was just one: to give more power to its professional (?) line of portable computers and to upgrade processors to the latest Intel lines only proves this point. The good news is that, at least in the harsh coldness of the numbers, the company's goal has been achieved.

In benchmarks Published this morning on Geekbench, the new high-end MacBook Pro (with an eight-core 2.3GHz Core i9 processor) outperformed its predecessor. The machine achieved a single core score of 5,879, while the score multi-core was absurd 29,184.

For comparison, the previous generation high-end MacBook Pro (powered by the Core i9-9980HK processor) had a score of 5,348 in single core measurement and 22,620 in multiple core measurement. This represents 10% and 29% hops, respectively. Apple is propagating a 40% performance gain in the new generation, but for certain 3D tasks like renderings in Autodesk Maya; In other types of work, the perception of improvement should be slightly lower.

Still, there's no doubt that the new, more expensive MacBook Pro should be quite a machine. The problem that, for $ 24,500, very little people have access to that kind of power.

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