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MX Linux 18.3 is released!

Debian-based distribution, MX Linux, gets a new version.

MX Linux is a distribution that uses the antiX distribution components and additional software and packaged by the MX community, with cooperation between the antiX and former MEPIS communities. But recently, on May 26, the distribution received a new update.


With a controversial look, I think this is the best term to use, MX Linux aims to ship software that makes life easier for the user, however, it is in some very important respects. Based on Debian Stable, the distribution uses the good old XFCE as its main interface, but with questionable design touches. With a somewhat different sidebar, MX Linux does not seem to get a consistent look, judging that the first question of its FAQ is precisely how to modify this default behavior (I'm not saying the bad distribution, just demonstrating a weakness of the project). , with such observations the MX community will be able to evaluate and refine the use of its distribution to its users).


MX Linux 18.3 What's New

The new version of the distro brought some upgrades that involve more under-the-scenes adjustments than sudden changes.

  • Now your base is Debian 9.9;
  • Has the Linux kernel 4.19.37-2 (system users can access the current kernel via the MX-PackageInstaller tool contained in the distro);
  • Security Patches for Zombieland Vulnerability of Intel Processors;
  • System configuration when copying installation files (when installing MX Linux);
  • Improvements to UEFI boot routine;
  • Updated and revised distribution manual with current MX images and information;
  • And ordinary bug fixes.

For more details on the distribution, you can watch the video below with our review of MX Linux.

Do the MX Linux download 18.03. If you use the distribution in version 18, simply update as usual to receive the new version. Do you use MX Linux? Continue this subject in our Diolinux Plus forum, and leave your experience with the distro.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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