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Multi camera recording will also be available on iPhones XS / XR and iPad Pro

Perhaps one of the coolest features introduced by Apple during the introduction of the new iPhones was that of multicamera recording, which was demonstrated with the help of the new version of the FiLMiC Pro app and drew a lot of attention from users by enabling each of the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max rear camera system lenses to record in addition to the front camera. videos simultaneously.

Assuming only last week's presentation, many people believed that the new feature would be available only for newly announced smartphones, but Apple clarified the news on a page for developers, bringing a great news: XS, XS Max and XR iPhones, in addition to the iPad Pro (3rd generation), can also record with more than one camera simultaneously..

This is because, more than hardware, the new form of recording offered by a framework iOS 13 called AVCapture, which allows video apps to use multiple iPhone cameras at the same time.

With AVCapture on iOS 13 you can capture photos and videos simultaneously from multiple cameras on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and the latest iPad Pro. You can also set the various microphones on the device to model the captured sound. Learn how to leverage these powerful features to bring in new creative features like Picture-in-Picture (PiP) and space audio in the recording apps.

Of course, the feature cannot be tapped to its full potential on older iPhones, with Apple imposing some restrictions on past generation of its devices. Of these, recording apps may only use certain simultaneous camera combinations on iPhones XS / XS Max (XR and iPad Pro only have two cameras), so the developer should choose which recordings will be supported by their app.

This allows iPhone XS to record (or take photos) with both the rear and wide-angle rear camera, or the telephoto and the front, and finally with the telephoto and wide-angle. As for the new models, it is not known which combinations will be possible although in the FiLMiC Pro demo, it was possible to track the recording of all four iPhone 11 Pro cameras at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that, despite being a feature offered by iOS, the news is not available by the app Cmera (native); therefore, the user must use a third party application that supports this recording mode.

Image Capture

With the introduction of the ultra-angle lens, photos taken with the new iPhones can now be saved with two equal (but different) versions: one with a smaller field of view and one with even more scenery, thanks to the new lens.

Thus, users will be able to configure the devices to capture photos from both the wide angle and the ultra-wide lens. IPhone keeps both versions saved (identifiable by a new ?Auto? symbol) and, if you want to edit it, you can switch between the photo with more (or less) field of view directly from the Photos app.

<img data-attachment-id = "677581" data-permalink = " xs-xr-and-ipad-pro / 16-iphone-11-pro-auto / "data-orig-file =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/ 09/16-iPhone-11-Pro-auto.jpg "data-orig-size =" 1500,1000 "data-comments-opened =" 1 "data-image-meta =" {"aperture": "0", "credit": "", "camera": "", "caption": "", "created_timestamp": "0", "copyright": "", "focal_length": "0", "iso": "0 "," shutter_speed ":" 0 "," title ":" "," orientation ":" 0 "}" data-image-title = "New iPhones 11 Pro ID Tag" data-image-description = "

Image: https://www.macworld/article/3438157/hands-on-with-the-iphone-11-cameras.html

"data-medium-file =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/16-iPhone-11-Pro-auto-600×400.jpg "data-large-file = "×840.jpg" src = "https://.uol. br / wp-content / uploads / 2019/09/16-iPhone-11-Pro-auto-1260×840.jpg "alt =" New iPhones 11 Pro Identification Tag "class =" wp-image-677581 "srcset ="×840.jpg 1260w, -content / uploads / 2019/09/16-iPhone-11-Pro-auto-300×200.jpg 300w, https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/16-iPhone- 11-Pro-auto-600×400.jpg 600w, https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/16-iPhone-11-Pro-auto.jpg 1500w "sizes =" ( max-width: 1260px) 100vw, 1260px "/>

Thus, when editing a photo captured with the new iPhones, users will see in the crop tool that there is more image beyond the edges of the original version. Just define a new (wider) crop and use the ?full? image!

Cmera app interface

The Cmera app interface has gained some new features on the new iPhones (not something on iOS 13, but on the new iPhones itself), including the removal of the ?Square? option on the app's horizontal controller, as highlighted by Benjamin Mayo.

So glad they finally got rid of the stupid Square mode of the controls wheel. Now, it's in a new submenu as a clipping mode when you slide up, I think (see the triangle in the top bar).

Apparently, to take a picture in this format, the user must access a new submenu from a new arrow icon located at the top of the screen, but we will certainly still see how this works in practice.

via 9to5Mac, Macworld