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Microsoft Office for Android may arrive March 2013

Yesterday, Microsoft Product Manager at Czech Republic, Petr Bobek, announced at a press event that Microsoft Office for Android is scheduled for March 2013. That is, the most popular PC suite will be compatible with non-Windows operating systems: Android and iOS. But considering that Microsoft is launching its own line of Windows 8 tablets, this move seems somewhat suspicious.

Why would Microsoft shoot the dust? If Microsoft really offers Microsoft Office for Android or iOS, Microsoft's only exclusive service, which makes it different from the others, is wasted. Acting in this way, the developer of windows 8 could not stand the competition of the tablet market and, much less, the smartphone. It is so true that a few hours after Bobek's presentation in the Czech Republic, Microsoft's head of corporate communications, Frank X. Shaw tweeted:

The information shared by our subsidiary in the Czech Republic is not accurate. We have nothing more to share.

This year, this isn't the first time we've heard that Office is coming to Android. If Microsoft Office launches for Android in 2013, this is excellent news for owners of mobile devices running Google's operating system. Now would you buy a tablet developed by Microsoft that can count on the Office Package on OS such as Android and iOS?

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