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Meet Himo H1, a Xiaomi electric bike that fits in a backpack

Xiaomi is always launching differentiated products and proving that it doesn't just live on smartphones, the company has just announced an electric bike, the HIMO H1, which has a price of neither entry nor so high, made for the average consumer. The bike has two major highlights, the fact that it is electric and also foldable, according to the company, it is the size of an A3 sheet when folded.

Her original price is $ 800, has aluminum body and weighs about 13kg. It features three modes, moped mode, electric mode and pedal mode. For those interested in high speeds, this in product focus, it reaches the top speed of 18km / h with a battery of 7.5Ah capable of running 35km. Already its design, it is available in green, gray, blue, with a special edition of Transformers.

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It is made so that it can be used by teenagers as well as adults, but because it is compact and modest in size, it supports a maximum of 90kg. Its cushion is made of silicone to ensure a comfortable seat and features a small LED HD waterproof screen.

For the safety of the rider, the bike has the necessary signaling, including LED lights on the front. The bike's measurements are 84 x 48 x 95cm. Your battery can be changed manually without major complications and takes up to 4 hours to fully charge.

Xiaomi has proven more than once over the last few years that, despite being well known for its smartphones, especially in countries like Brazil and India, it is also very strong in diverse smart products, having a large device ecosystem in its sub-brand. Pissing and innovating nonstop with the most diverse devices. That's a company strategy since its inception, when it was still a startup, learn more about her business model by reading about the company's history.

Via: Xiaomi Today. [TagsToTranslate] electric bike