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League of Legends may win Linux version, but not as you might think

League of Legends one of the most acclaimed MOBAs by players, rumored a new verse will reach two platforms.

Lolzinho, as the closest call it, is one of the most requested games on Linux. However Riot Games, the company responsible for the game, has never shown interest in supporting the platform.


Another possibility is the installation of the game via Snap (I am testing the solution). If you don't know what Snap, watch the video below and stay on top of it.

However even with the operation of the game, with relatively good performance, by the way, any updates in the game they can cause in your in operation. Something that can last days, or even weeks. A very uncomfortable situation. The odd thing is that its direct competitor, Dota 2, has a native version for Linux, and I see players every day migrating from one to the other due to this absence on the platform (At least as I observe with some Linux users specifically).


LOL New Version Rumor

Chinese Tencent Holdings Ltd is working with Riot Games to develop LOL for two new platforms, at least the information that the site Reuters claims to have obtained from 3 reliable sources. But not the long awaited desktop version for Linux, but its mobile version for Android. The second platform is iOS. Once again we Linux users will have to wait for a possible native desktop version (If Android and iOS with gigantic bases, Riot took so many years, it does not surprise me that delay of a desktop version on Linux). The 3 reliable sources from Reuters would be close to the creation of the title. Interestingly Tencent proposed a port of League of Legends a few years ago, however Riot declined the proposal, without the partnership Tencent in 2015 created the game Arena of Valor (basically a copy of LOL for smartphones). legue-of-legends-lol-game-riot-tencent-ios-android-mobile-wine-lutris-linux-snap-arena-of-value

The name of these sources involved in the production of LOL mobile version, did not want to identify themselves, claiming that because of this involvement information could not at least be passed on. For contractual reasons such sources cannot be identified, however the Reuters website guarantees credibility.

This possible development has been occurring since 2018, but its release will not occur in 2019.

And what did you think of the news? Particularly not good at MOBA. But I see the importance of the game in a Linux Desktop scenario and I'm disappointed by Riot's position on Linx

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