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How to install Android USB drivers on your computer

Ah, the USB drivers, what would we do without them? WHA? Don't know what they are? Then I explain first with pleasure. Whether you have a Nexus 5, a Galaxy S4 or an LG G2, USB drivers make the connection between your computer and Android possible (of course via USB). If you want to access the device as external memory, transfer files between mobile phones and computers and root the device using software on the PC, then you need the drivers USB

The good news

The best part of USB drivers that your computer knows that you need them when you first connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. We can usually see a short notification that the new device has been turned on and that the computer is looking for the drivers needed to install them later. As in the image below.

AndrodiPIT Galaxy S5 Driver Install PC
When I inserted the Galaxy S5 into my laptop, Windows automatically installed the drivers for me. / AndroidPIT

If you don't see this last message, don't worry! Finding the drivers needed for your device is not much harder than clicking a simple link. There are several options:

  • Search Google driver;
  • Visit the support page of your device and find the drivers. This is an example of Samsung;
  • Visit the Android Developers OEM drivers website. L can be found a list of drivers from leading manufacturers.

Here are the most popular:

Asus HTC Huawei LG Samsung Oppo Samsung Sony Nexus

LG G2 Driver Install PC
Installing USB drivers manually is extremely easy. / AndroidPIT

Once the drivers are downloaded, simply install them with a double click. Easy, no?

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