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For a less complicated life with Ubuntu for Android

New announcement showing all the possibilities of Ubuntu software for Android is turning into a hit on the net. In addition to having varied hilarious contemporary behavioral references, it brings an animation with key concepts about technology. In August, we published a video made during the International Free Software Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre, where a demo of Ubuntu for Android is made that, at the time, already made many open source fans crazy to get our hands on the software. Here's the second moment!

I translate: "In every dual-core phone there is a PC."

No video, a very interesting comparison is made between the specifications present in a smartphone and a computer, ie quad-core processor, gigantic storage capacity and battery. Put them both side by side and show our level of interaction with both devices. Thus, the Ubuntu team proves that, in fact, a smartphone a computer. This is where the design philosophy is introduced, because by connecting your smartphone to a monitor and keyboard using Ubuntu for Android, you will have a computer running Ubuntu. And vice versa, how to make calls and write text messages from your PC.

Below you can see Ubuntu's humorous advertising:

YouTube video link

After watching the video, I separated some phrases that caught my attention during the explanation of the benefits of this integration:

Not literally magic, but it passes by.

Your quad-core phone is a phone when it is unplugged, but when connected to a BOOM monitor and keyboard: you have an Ubuntu-powered personal computer.

Since your PC is a phone, you can make calls and send messages through your desktop.

And the final sentence also deserves attention, especially for safety: Have a phone with Ubuntu for Android to live a less complicated life.

Unfortunately, the video leaves out the most important point: you still can't have a phone with Ubuntu for Android. Which does not undermine the concept of the project, but frustrates the intentions of high-end device users to be able to run Ubuntu as a standalone operating system on their Android devices.

What did you think of the hype, prompts Android owners to want Ubuntu for Android?

Image: Ubuntu

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