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Shooting games do not have one of the easiest terrain in the Android world. As good as there are good games on the market, none of them can compete with console games. But is the same true for Dead Space? Follow our review today and see if this classic is worth having on your mobile device.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G) Android Version: 4.0.4Root: NoRoda From Android: 2.1Four years ago, the first edition of Dead Space was brought to market. And now the time has come for this game to arrive on the Android platform. But how does this game?

The Dead Space environment is a space station in which a virus has transformed all its inhabitants into mutants. And it is technician Isaac who is responsible for collecting evidence that will help him solve the mystery of the space station.

At the outset a tension arises. Only a few games can generate this kind of sensation in their players. Best of all, Dead Space convinces by its quality and the fact that it has adapted very well to the world of smartphones. Everything is very well configured and the graphics and controls are perfectly structured to fit mobile devices.

What draws the most attention in the game is its powerful graphic. Really amazing! This is a setting that can only be seen on the Playstation 3, Xbox or PCs. And if you think there are problems with what it looks like to be a shooter, you are wrong: on one side of the screen you will find the motion controllers. On the other hand, you can change the view. When the character encounters an object or enemy, simply use finger movement to fire or interact with the objects. And even this functionality is very effective and has no problems.

We don't want to reveal so much about the plot that the experience of playing it is not ruined. Suffice it to say one thing: the complexity of the story is such that it makes its users stand in front of the screen for several hours.

Conclusion:Dead Space can do what other smartphone-enabled games do: maintain its style while disappointing its fans. The game really convinces and the controls work very smoothly. The load of suspense and tension are certainly guaranteed. The effects are very realistic and the graphic as a whole high quality. We can say that the game is almost the sundae's last cherry.

Screen & Controls

The intuitive Dead Space is very clear in its interface. When the character does not find a new weapon or has a new mission ahead, the respective instructions are displayed on the screen. The menus are very well configured for smartphones and the game as a whole could not be better structured.

Speed ??& Stability

Our tests have been done with a high quality smartphone, but we doubt Dead Space v will have any issues on any device. We do not fail to advise, however, that the app should be tried on a high end phone, because what draws the most attention in Dead Space is its graphic design.

Price / Performance Ratio

Dead Space costs $ 5.49 or $ 14.48 on the Google Play store. A fair price for a very high quality product.

I suggest: Samsung currently offers the application for free. So for the owners of a Korean branded device: run and enjoy this promotion!

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